What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a text that the reader can see and when clicked on the text, the user is redirected to a new link. In today’s browsers, anchor text is usually blue (or something different from the surrounding text and follows the site’s identity or theme). In SEO of Magento 2, the anchor text is usually highlighted and underlined.

what is anchor text in magento 2 seo

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  • Importance of Anchor Text

    Typically, Anchor Text offers readers a choice of information that readers may be interested in around the main content they are looking for. In essence, anchor text links to pages within the site that act like other internal links and plays a role in navigating the user.

    However, it is being overused by webmasters today. Instead of giving users links to information they may need, anchor text is used to place ads, place backlinks, or internal links to irrelevant pages. This has a big impact on the user experience.

    In addition, Anchor Text serves as a quality vote for search engines. Moreover, this vote has been filled with information such as the field of choice (text in Anchor Text), The person (the link of the website to point to). It is so important that a website remains in the top 10 even though the page itself does not contain the keyword the user is looking for.

    The anchor text optimization is also an important work can not be ignored in SEO optimization. It helps to better navigate users and Googlebot and leverages other important metrics in a better direction, such as page rank, page bounce rate, and time on page.

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    Because of the importance of anchor text in SEO, the emphasis and management are good tactics to create Anchor Text, the businesses and investors SEO should care and perform better.

    How to create an effective Anchor Text

    For SEO people, creating Anchor Text should follow the following criteria to achieve the greatest SEO effect:

    • Anchor Text must contain keywords, and the placement of keywords must follow a certain tactic. For example, if the website wants to SEO the homepage with a keyword, then the anchor text should point to the primary or secondary keywords with a suitable ratio.

    • Depending on the importance of Anchor Text to set the dofollow or nofollow attribute. A nofollow link will reduce the google bot’s priority of crawling the page, so Google will not index that no follow page. If all the Backlink pointing to the website is a no follow the link, getting to the Top in search rankings is very difficult.

    However, investors also need to have no follow links to make Backlinks point to a certain natural level and allocate them to match the do follow link size.

    • Do not use special characters in the Anchor Text link.

    • Rich Text for Anchor Text: Do not use a single keyword for anchor text for an entire SEO campaign. Because if only for a single keyword, backlinks back to the website are not natural and tend to be the same as black hat SEO guys who spammers with the same content. And sooner or later websites will be subject to penalties from Google.
    • Use brand keywords for Anchor Text
    • In the same site, do not use many different keywords for the same link. If there are 2 pages linking to the same URL address but have different text links, Googlebot will only prioritize the first link.
    • Do not create anchor text to broken links (301 broken links).


    In conclusion, Anchor Text in Magento 2 SEO is so vital to navigate the users and optimize the google bot. If you want to increase the traffic on the site, anchor text is an indispensable element and will be the powerful right arm.

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