Why are backlinks important for SEO?

A backlink is a link placed on another web page that points to a page on your website. These links are placed on the characters, the anchor text, or the image or even the Url of your website, provided that when you click on them the user will be navigated to your page. Offsite-SEO together with Onsite-SEO are two biggest factors in Search Engine Optimization. And backlinks are of course the backbone of any offsite-SEO strategy. Let’s dive right in and see how can you leverage the power of backlinks to push your SEO performance beyond the greatness.

Backlinks are very important in the process of SEO, backlinks are like a vote for that website to become more credible and Google is more appreciated.

For the user

Backlinks act as a bridge connecting users to your website, as many of your backlinks at reputable sites will have more opportunities for more people to come to your website. So backlinks will help increase the number of visitors and potential customers to your website. This is also a profound cause for the birth of Backlinks, which is a tool to guide users to the website.

For website

In the past, backlinks are used as a tool to navigate the user. Nowadays, when the search engine comes along with SEO, Backlinks have a very important role, which is contributing to evaluating the ranking of your website in the keyword search rankings.

So, Why?

The main reason is the domain authority algorithm and the popularity of the search engine’s website, typically is Google. This search engine will implicitly understand the website you are linking to, like the website of the business is receiving much attention from the Internet community. So, the more reputable websites linking to you, the higher your website rankings will be. Specifically, if two sites are competing for one keyword and are optimized for Onpage the same, however, if the website has more or better Backlink, the chances of topping this keyword will be greater.

Not only that, backlinks for the website should not be delayed. Because if your website is a human body then Backlink plays an important role as a food to feed the body. If the business does not often create backlinks, then surely other websites will go up and push you backward.

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  • Creating a backlink is relatively simple, but in SEO, a backlink is not enough to beat your competitors, sometimes you need thousands, even millions of Backlink to earn results in SEO. However, it is not so that you plow backlink all day and night and spam this tool bluffly. By creating the links will certainly be subject to penalties from Google Webspam and all the effort to do your link will fall into the river tank.

    why are backlinks important?

    Instead of making links indiscriminately and massively, businesses should often create backlinks from high Pagerank sites with certainty. The website has high Pagerank almost sites are reputable and active. Therefore, backlinks from websites are quality backlinks and are really useful for increasing the rankings of websites. In addition, businesses can buy or exchange links in moderate and regular quantities for avoiding penalties from Google Webspam.

    In addition, one more thing Backlink that businesses also need to pay attention is the backlink to the site is not cool or strong website quality or not the same theme with the business website doing SEO, which will be totally unprofitable for the website, even causing a decrease in Pagerank website of the business. In addition, you should pay a bit attention on the diversity and structure of the anchor text profile. An unnatural anchor text list may harm your website in many ways.


    In closing, backlink is the soul of SEO fofpage and a decisive factor in the success of SEO project. It also plays a crucial role in the search engine optimization process and increases your PageRank with Google.

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