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Alt Text (alternative text) is the text or hypertext used to describe and replace elements on the page that bots or users can not read specific content such as images, java scripts snippets.

The publishers can create or not create Alt Text. However, creating Alt Text will bring a lot of benefits for the website in SEO, especially the websites use too many elements that the spider can not read. Google also encourages that you shouldn’t use too many images, and if possible use the text to replace the content of those images.

Code example

Code example

The importance of Alt Text

alt text

Alt Text is a word or phrase that describes the image on the web, it is very important for SEO. Google has announced that the search engine will focus on ALT text analysis. Google can not see the image and knows what the image says about what it reads only the image content through the Alt.

If there is no Alt text for the image, the browsers will display an empty error icon. Moreover, Alt Text also provides search engines content to index the website, so it would be good if the image using Alt Text contains keyword content. In addition, it also provides for a user’s search when they search for images instead of finding content on the browser.

The robots can not see the images on your web pages, they will crawl the alternative text. Therefore, when a user searches for images with keywords that appear in the alt attribute, the search engine returns results linking to your site. From that, it will help you gain better traffic and SEO capabilities.

alt text

How to write a good Alt Text

In some cases, writing the bad Alt Text or irrelevant Alt Text will cause confusion about your page. Hence, determining appropriate Alt Text is very crucial for the search engine to read and crawl it. Some the guidelines below will help you to create effective alternative text for most situations.

Repeat text in the image for Alt Text

If the image has text describe, you can take that text as the alternative text. In addition, you can take the other words to replace that text, but that words should say the same thing as the image. For instances, if you have a logo for your images, the Alt Text should repeat the name of the company to replace the logo.

Keep the text short

A good rule of thumb for alternative text is to keep it around 125 characters. Because, the longer your Alt Text, the more difficult it will be for the browsers to read.

Use your keywords

Alt text provides for you the other opportunity to insert the keywords on a page. So search engines can appreciate the page higher.

Avoid keyword stuffing

You will be in trouble if you are too greedy to insert too many keywords. You only should focus on describing the text in the image, because Google will appreciate higher for the good Alt Text.

Don’t include “image of,” “picture of,” etc. in your alt text

With the image, it is already assumed your Alt Text is referring to an image, so you don’t need to specify it. You should start with the content of the image and remember that the Alt Text is short.


Look at pretty much any website on the Web today and you will see that one of the indispensable things is images. Your site’s images properly use Alt Text is a very important part of using these images for the Web. Make sure that Alt Text for your images is good for search engines to read and understand. According to that, your site is ranked higher. You can set up automatic rules for adding image Alt text also to get rid of the manual work, so definitely try it out. You can find the guide to do it in this tutorial.

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