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A meta description is an attribute of HTML that provides a brief explanation about the content of the website. A meta description is commonly used in search engine results page (SERPs) to display general descriptions for a given page and it is an important part of SEO. In essence, the description tag is a short paragraph that describes accurately and succinctly so that the users and Googlebot can understand what the content of the web page is about.

If the meta title helps the readers understand what the main subject of the paragraph is, the meta description helps the readers understand clearly what the content of the site is about.

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Location of the meta description on Search engine results page:

meta description

Importance of Meta Description

Like the title tag, meta description plays an extremely important role, not only for the Google index, meta description but also plays an essential role in making the user experiences. This short paragraph offers a great opportunity for the webmaster to advertise the brand and quality of the site to the user. If webmasters grasp the customer psychology and give them what they need precisely, they can reduce the cost of the advertising outdoor and the effect may be better.

A good meta description and focus on the main topic will attract users to click on not only on search results page but also in social ads or other websites, help the website with more visits and visitors. In addition, optimizing a good meta description helps build quality of content on the page for users as well as increase the click-through rate on the search results page.

Some characteristics of a good meta description

You can recognize all these characteristics in the meta description of each article. And, this is the checklist that I have compiled fully.

The optimal length for the search engine

The meta description should use keywords wisely, and must also be a compelling description that the searchers want to click. The meta description should contain about 150-160 characters to be able to be displayed fully on Google.

Use keywords in the meta description

Just like the meta title, placing keywords within the meta description increases the clickability of the searchers with the content of the website.

Avoid duplicating meta description

If your meta description is a duplicate, the user experience in Google will be less. Like the meta title, it is important that the meta description for each page is unique. When you write a meta description, it must be relevant to the content of the article. So it will be more appreciated because it is useful for the searchers.

Sometimes it is not necessary to write a meta description

Google can also automatically receive the text with the same keyword inside the page as the description. Hence, occasionally you don’t need to write it for your article.


The meta description is very crucial for every page and optimizing the meta description is a very important aspect of on-page SEO. Although it does not work for Google’s keyword ranking process, the meta description is a bridge to the customers. Hopefully, this checklist can provide for you the useful knowledge about the meta description. And then you will apply them easily to your article, from that you have a best meta description.

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