Influences of Canonical tag in SEO

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Canonical is a tag used by Seoer and this is considered a decent tag and helps us get a lot of work in the process of doing SEO. Let’s learn about canonical tags to see the effect of tags in SEO.

A canonical tag is an attribute in HTML code, which allows webmasters to prevent duplicate content by defining canonical or preferred tags.

A canonical tag is a tool that helps you tell Google what the original URL needs. Also, transmit the full value of URLs that are not indexed to the original URL, which increases the reputation and ranking of the indexed pages.

canonical tag

If the content of your website has the same article, then Google will evaluate the content is not quality and thus reduce the ranking of your website. Therefore, you must have a canonical card to reduce the duplication of content on the page, this is an on page SEO tip that needs to be noted.

What is the effect of canonical tag?

Canonical created and used to prevent the duplicate content of a Website. It will help the webmasters inform the search engine of the original content, quality content on the Website. This is an effective solution to deal with duplicated contents.

What the search engines use the canonical tag to do

Resources are limited, including Google or any other search engine. They use the canonical tag to reduce the storage of unnecessary data, or poor value without bringing valuable, useful information to the user. The site is well-designed SEO standards, designers will help you do this section, while the SEO or website owners can hardly interfere with the Code. For sites with too much duplication of content, Google also underestimated the reputation.


Harmful hazard if the use of canonical tag is not correct

What happens if you declare canonical cards indiscriminately. For example, if you have two pages with different content, you need SEO for both pages, but Page A declares the canonical of page B. As I mentioned before, page A will not be indexed by Google anymore. And then, no matter how hard you try, search engines will not rank your page. Some people even confuse that, the use of the canonical tag to emphasize a content page they need SEO, this is completely wrong. That will harm your Website more than you receive, so you should use Canonical tag properly.

When do we use the canonical tag

On your website occurs content duplication, then obviously you will need to use it to solve this. If you are sure that your website does not have duplicate content, you may not use it. However, I encourage you to use the canonical tag for the following cases:

Some caution when using the canonical tag

In most cases of the path change, you can use canonical to handle duplicate content. However, in the case below, you need to be really careful when using it. For pagination indexes (many pages), there are usually path changes as follows:

Page 1: Imgur

Page 2: Imgur

Page 3: Imgur

Page n: Imgur

In this case, changing the paths along with the change of content. Therefore, the use of canonical to treat pages 2, page 3, …, page n is a copy of page 1, this indicates that you are wrong in using.


The canonical tag is the most important HTML tag in the important matters of the on page website, you need to fully set up the canonical tags and the correct safety criteria outlined in the article. Besides that, you should avoid duplicating the content of the articles and on your website to have a standard website on page and Google standard. Another use case of canonical tags is to combine with hreflang tags for multilingual website. If you dont’t know how to set up hreflang tags, checkout this article: Step by step SEO tutorial for Magento

Above is some useful information about the canonical tag as well as its use in SEO. It will actually bring about significant effects if used properly. However, if used incorrectly, you will quickly see the results of the wrong use. The most obvious point of misuse is that the index number of your website will be significantly reduced. Therefore, find out how to use it before using.

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