How to improve page speed in Magento 2



According to some surveys from

  • 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.
  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • The one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Look at the numbers, it does not lie. Page speed is really crucial to retain the visitors on your site.

Page Speed is the time a visitor has to wait until your page is completely loaded. This time is usually calculated by the time that it displays the full content for a particular page or the first time that the browser you receive from the web server.

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Some influences of Page Speed

Page Speed is one of the important factors for the users to decide whether they should stay on the site or not??? The users are not afraid to leave the page to find competitors websites have the page speed fast and impressively. Therefore, improving the page speed is essential in the era of online shopping and online business grows strongly and competes fiercely today.

In facts, page speed can impact strongly on user experience. Commonly, a page load for e-commerce site takes 7 seconds meanwhile the ideal load time is around 3 seconds or less. If the speed of page load is bad, the visitors will leave your website quickly because they have to wait too long to get what they are looking for.

influences of page speed

Clearly, at the same time, if your website loads faster, users can read more web pages, learn more the content on the site, from that, the likelihood they share on social networking or link to your site is also greater. Besides that, the spiders are also limited about time. This is really a problem with big websites. Therefore, the faster the page load time, the more indexed the site is.

In 2010, Google announced that page speed is the factor for them to evaluate and rank the website ranking. Google always expects users to access sites with fast loading speed, not more than 3 seconds to increase the experience and usefulness of the website. This means that if you want the website to rank high, the page speed must reach Google standards. In contrast, the page speed exceeds 3 seconds, the ranking of the website will not be as high as you desired.

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How to improve the page speed

So, we can see that the Google search engine has greatly appreciated the value of page load speed, and certainly has used it in the search engine ranking algorithms. Hence, how to improve your site’s page speed? Below are some ways to improve the page speed. Read more: Magento 2 Performance Optimization

Your host

You should Invest in prestigious and quality hosting package. Because the host is the place to store all the data, the content of the website, so the content upload speed including text, images, video, etc, only fast when the host can meet the fastest upload speed.

Optimize images

More than 80% of websites have slowed down when loading web pages because images are not optimized. The fact that the images occupy a lot of resources on the host and is quite heavy for the website. So, to speed up the load for the web we need to optimize all the images on the site with the support tools. However, they should be optimized to a certain degree so as to ensure both speed and quality of the images.

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Reduce CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Page speed

CSS is the code that programmers write. There are thousands of snippets of code in every web page, and each space, tab, character, line break increases the file size. Therefore, it is necessary to compress these files lightest to be able to speed up the website by removing unnecessary characters such as line, space, etc. However the code after compression is quite difficult to see, but it will save 20-30% of the capacity. Google recommends using YUI Compressor for both CSS and JavaScript.

Minify redirects

Page redirects create additional HTTP requests, which can take much time for Googlebot to crawl and slow down the page load. Therefore, avoid using too many redirects whenever you are possible.

Enable compression

Enabling Gzip on your server will reduce the size of any HTML, CSS, etc, which is sent to the visitors.

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Page speed is one of the important website ranking factors that every SEOer needs to take care of effective SEO. Hopefully, this useful knowledge will help your website to improve the page speed and reach the top of Google quickly.

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