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Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

Summer Nguyen | 12-19-2017

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Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

Mageplaza Gift Card

Gift voucher has experienced a growing trend in online business. It is an effective marketing tactic that connects with current purchasers and approaches potential clients. A recent study in the United States revealed that gift card is the second most popular gift and the most wanted by woman. The demand for gift certificate has increased remarkably in special occasions. To help your store gain more competitive advantage, Mageplaza introduced an ultimate gift card extension edition that makes gift certificates become more personalized.

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The most wonderful feature of this extension is supporting purchasers in customizing their gift vouchers. Specifically, customers are allowed to set up their own picture, sending and receiving addresses, gift card amount, message, deliver date and timezone. And in the backend, admin can establish the gift card range, the relevance between gift voucher price and value.

1. In the frontend

In the backend, after a general configuration, there are five others setting steps that need to be taken into consideration. Those six stages are simple and accuracy. General configuration composes of module enabling, gift code pattern, gift card credit enabling, gift voucher redeeming and gift code hidden configuration.

Mageplaza Gift Card

Buyers can select any favorite pictures to decorate their gift cards. These choices are provided by admin in the backend. Besides, they can upload their unique pictures which make gift card templates be more meaningful and special. There are three default image formats for customers including .gif, .jpg, .png. The gift card will look vividly with lively gif that is definitely interesting than physical gift voucher. In addition, the right corner has some necessary information that sender need to fill in:

Mageplaza Gift Card

Actually, the value of gift card is not the same with it’s price. Shoppers often get discount when purchasing gift voucher. The difference is determined by store’s owner. Usually, gift certificate price constitutes 70-80% of gift card value. It means that choosing gift card, users will pay less but enjoy more benefits in online stores, depending in store’s policies and promotion programs.

Because of this advantage, gift voucher demand has risen undoubtedly. For example, when a shopper wants to buy $200 gift card , he only pays $170 for the actual cost. However, recipient can enjoy $200 when purchasing in online store. Then shopper needs to specify email address so that gift voucher can be delivered to right recipient. Names of sender and receiver will be printed on gift card template. An important part of any card in general and virtual gift card in particular is message.

Gift Card

Gift Card for Magento 2

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After typing wishes and notes, they will directly appear on gift voucher. Two more sections buyers should complete are delivery date and timezone. Finally, buyer will end up their shopping card with an exceptional gift voucher and ready to send. Just by a click, gift card will be send to correct recipient in a decided date with a lot of time-saving. Clearly, customizing gift card makes it more meaningful and exciting for both sender and recipient

Mageplaza Gift Card

2. In the backend

Mageplaza Gift Card

After a general configuration, there will be five other settings that need to be taken into consideration consisting of Gift Card Product , Gift Card/Credit Checkout, Gift Card Template, Email and SMS Configuration. They are extremely simple and accuracy to carry out.

General configuration includes module enabling, gift code pattern, gift card credit enabling, gift card redeeming and gift code hidden setting:

Mageplaza Gift Card

After that, in the gift card product figuration, admin will decide gift card lifetime, delivery date, timezone and how many fields will be displayed on item. With checkout configuration, there are some policies about using coupon box or not, allowing multiple gift certificates, using gift credit and refunding gift voucher. Admin can set store’s logo, maximum message character and default note in the template configuration. Finally, email and SMS features are established according to store owner’ decision.

In short, with outstanding functions of Mageplaza top gift card extension, shoppers can customize unique gift vouchers. Therefore, it will be more impressive and meaningful for both sender and receiver. There’s no doubt that customer experience in your store will be enhanced and sale will be boosted.


Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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