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How to create a gift card account in Magento 2 default

Vinh Jacker | 01-23-2018

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Nowadays, Gift Card becomes more and more popular. Have you ever wondered that how to create a Gift Card account in Magento 2? In fact that, after completing purchase a Gift Card, a Gift Card account is automatically generated. The Gift Card’s value can be applied to the purchase of the product in your e-commerce store. Also, you can create Gift Card accounts from the admin panel.

Today we will guide you how to create a gift card account in Magento 2 default.

To create a gift card account:

  • After logging into the admin panel, choose Customers > Gift Card Accounts.
  • Click the Add Gift Card Account button in the upper-right corner.
  • In the Information field, choose “Yes” in the Active field.

This field determines the balance of the account that can be recharged before checkout and the balance can be transferred to the store credit of the customers.

how to create a gift card account in Magento 2 default

  • If possible, place the Website on the site where the gift card account can be used.
  • Type the beginning Balance of the gift card account.
  • Be able to enter the Expiration Date for the gift card. If you leave this field blank, the gift card account won’t expire.
  • Choose Send Gift Card to the Gift Card Account panel on the left. Next, do the following requirement:

Choose Send Gift Card


  • In the Recipient Email section, type the email address that email notification of the gift card account is sent. If you don’t want, please leave this field blank because this section is optional.
  • In the Recipient Name section, please enter the name of the person who will get the gift card message.
  • Now, establish Send Email from the Following Store View to the language store view that is connected to the gift card.
  • Please do one of the following options:
    • If you don’t have any recipient added, choose Save button to save this gift card.
    • Select Save & Send Email button to save all the changes as well as send the gift card via email to the recipient.

After all, we are happy to introduce you Mageplaza Gift Card extensions. Here is a powerful module that comes with many attractive features. Moreover, it provides eye-catching and beautiful designs. Using this module, it not only helps your store increase the sales but also improve the user’s shopping experience. From that, it motivates the customers to return to your shop in the next shopping.

If you are still wondering about choosing Magento 2 Gift Card module, below are some main reasons for this.

Personalize Gift Cards

Thanks to this feature, shoppers can use their photos as templates to personalize their gift cards. Also, they can leave the message as well as enter their names on the card.

Personalize Gift Cards

Drag and drop to design

By dragging and dropping blocks, store admins can design gift certificates quickly without any difficulties. Just a few minutes, you can complete a gift certificate. That’s nice!

Drag and drop to design

Delivery methods

With this feature, shoppers can choose the ways to send digital gift card as SMS, emails or online messengers. Also, you are allowed printing physical gift cards and sending via post office.

Delivery methods

Delivery Time

To delivery the gift cards to the friends, shoppers can choose specific time and date if they are so busy with your work.

Delivery Time

Gift Card History

Creating, sending, receiving and redeeming a gift card will be included in Gift Card’s history. Managing gift cards and gift codes for your store are more accessible than ever thanks to this flexible feature.

Gift Card History

SMS Notification

This feature enables store admins to send SMS to the recipients about the card’s status. They can know that the gift card has reached out the recipient or not.

SMS Notification

Besides those great features, Mageplaza Gift Card also provides many additional features that contribute significantly to the benefits that this module brings.

  • Preview Gift Cards: This feature enables the shoppers to view gift vouchers before sending to the recipient.
  • Gift Card Tracking: Shoppers can track the gift card’s status as well as get the notification if any change.
  • Expiration Dates: Allow setting expiration dates for gift vouchers as well as displaying or hiding them.
  • Limit Gift Codes: This feature enables store owners to limit the number of gift codes.
  • Discount Options: Thanks to the Discount Options feature, admins can establish discount on the price of the product before or after the tax.

Gift Card

Gift Card for Magento 2

Enhance customer loyalty through convenient and flexible gift card solutions

Check it out!


It’s a pity if you don’t own Gift Card for Magento 2 store. It has an eye-catching design and can be configured with ease. We believe that you will be satisfied with all advantages this extension brings: increasing the revenues for your store, delivering the exciting shopping experience for users, and so on. Don’t hesitate; this module is launched to be for you.


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