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How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card

Summer Nguyen | 12-19-2017

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How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card extension

Magento 2 Gift Card extensions is always perceived as one of the most effective tools to help online stores release cool gift voucher templates. Give this guide a look to know how to impress your customers in this holiday shopping season.

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Taking advantage of technological development, many enterprises boost their sales by delivering virtual gift cards. It is an excellent idea in marketing plan because it makes current buyers be engaged together with approaching potential customers. To impress people being interested with gift vouchers, it is important to design outstanding templates for those gift cards. Mageplaza known as one of leading in Magento vendors has come up with an Magento 2 ultimate gift card extension. Here is a guideline in designing gift certificate templates that may be helpful for your magento stores:

Mageplaza Gift Card

Pre-made gift card templates

With Mageplaza gift card edition, there are two options in publishing gift vouchers including default templates and customized version. Th professional team of Mageplaza has created various gift certificate templates matching with different occassions and buyers’ purposes. For instance, you can introduce gift certificates for Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day by choosing default templates.

Those templates are produced with suitable images, styles and needed information. When selecting existed templates, template’s information will be displayed for you to view. For example, when you pick up the Halloween template, gift card’s name will be Halloween, status-active, allow upload image-Yes, gift card title-gift card, font family-times roman.

Pre-made gift card templates

Content of Gift Card

Besides, all you need to do is uploading your logo, setting maximum message character and default note. You can choose needed images of three formats composing of jpeg, gif and png. If no file is chosen, the default logo of Mageplaza will appear in gift cards. You can limit the number of message characters that buyers are allowed to type.

When you do not set that limitation, your gift vouchers are automatically set with default “120” characters. Finally, you can change the default note which indicates regulations of that gift certificate.

Content of Gift Card

Upload Images

It is acceptable to upload any favorite images for your gift cards by browsing to find or dragging desired pictures.

Mageplaza Gift Card Upload Images

To gain more competitive advantage, you can create your own templates with your unique styles by simple steps. After ticking in Create new template, there will be three main parts that are taken into consideration consisting of template information, design and images.

Gift Card Template information

Gift Card Template information

Admins can name for template corresponding to gift voucher intention like VIP customer appreciation, New Year’s day, Labor day. Because template name is a compulsory component, error indicator will appear next to the vacant frame. If you set status as Active, this new template will be added in Frontend Gift Card Product Page.

In the “Allow upload image” option, if admin establishes Yes, customers can design gift certificate with their own pictures. On the other side, when No is set up, users can only pick up default images. Admins can apply one of three font families including Times-Roman, Helvetica, Courier. Background Image can be customized to fit with admin concept, or else white background will be displayed.

The gift card note will be taken from Template Configuration; however, depending on admin’s desire, it can be modified into new messages.

Gift Card

Gift Card for Magento 2

Enhance customer loyalty through convenient and flexible gift card solutions

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In the design part, there are two main actions which are loading from exist template and designing template. Admins can quickly choose an available template in the list box then click Load template to establish new style.

Mageplaza Design Gift Card

To create new template, Mageplaza develops a superior feature which is dragging and dropping needed layouts into a gift card frame. After transferring left sections to right box, admins will easily change sizes of those sections for a beautiful and well-organized gift voucher. Reverse action is also available with the same method. Also, custom CSS is supported to let admins design and adjust templates

Mageplaza Gift Card


Admins will upload some default images by dragging and dropping pictures directly to “Upload Image” part. After that, these images will be demonstrated in the frontend gift card product page for customers to select the suitable one.

Mageplaza Gift Card Images

In conclusion, it is definitely easy to customize stunning gift card templates by two options (default template and customized template). Whatever occasion is, your store can issue wonderful gift vouchers for your clients by professional gift card modules. Then you can let those gift cards be effective marketing tool with existing and new customers.


Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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