How to manage stores effectively?

Managing a store requires admins’ involvement in multiple steps. Hence, it depends on which parts of the process you encounter problems that you should find solutions for. Find more complete extension lists here.

1. Complete back-end tasks automatically

Admin’s workload can be reduced if you know how to utilize helpful tools that allow editing and managing in bulk. Moreover, you should automate site updates and only check randomly to see if there are any rising problems.

Extensions such as Import Export Categories and Import Export CMS simplify back-end tasks significantly. Admins can increase productivity thanks to mass data updates at once instead of manual import and export. In addition, Cron Schedule will ensure every update to be created in time automatically without errors.

2. Assign admin roles

If all admins have to take care of all issues, they may not process them efficiently, so that customers may have to wait longer and problems remain unsolved. Hence, Admin Permissions can help online merchants assign specific roles for each admin, which enables better management and effective problem solving.

3. Speed up problem-solving process

A large amount of time can be spent to support customers in solving problems they may encounter. This workload can be overwhelming if you waste too much time guiding each customer to do complex tasks.

When customers find it difficult to do anything on your site, it is easy and quick to use Login As Customers to solve their issues quickly. It can enhance their experience and speed up the process if it is a complex problem or needs admin’s involvement.

4. Track store performance

Data helps you understand how your store is performing and come up with new development strategies. Therefore, finding a solution that shows you complete data for everything you need is important.

Better Reports include 16 report cards with customization and comparison for different time periods. It also visualizes the statistics by charts for better understanding.

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