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Import Export Categories for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Import Export Categories for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Import Export Categories allows admins to add a large number of categories at once. This is a great solution to help store owners to simplify their workload and increase productivity.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Problems and Solutions

Limitations of Magento 2 Default

  • pan_toolImporting process of categories is still manual

    In default Magento 2, store admins have to create categories one by one and fill in related data in each category.

  • scheduleTime-wasting when the updated data is large

Benefits of Import Export Categories

  • done_outlineSave a deal of time for store admins

    Magento 2 Import & Export Categories extension by Mageplaza supports admins to save a lot of time because they do not have to import each categories step by step. Instead, the extension can import a number of categories.

  • moodImprove work performance

Imports various categories in one time

Instead of importing categories on by one, the store admins can import multiple categories in one time by importing CSV file.
This file will include all the data of various categories.

Magento 2 category import export extension

Download sample of Categories import files

Magento 2 export categories

A sample CSV file is supported in the admin backend so store.

The Magento 2 Import Categories extension provides administrators a sample CSV file to download to your computer. Then, they can absolutely fill in category data such as category ID, store ID, parent ID, name, description, category products and so on.

Data validation notification

To make sure a comprehensive imported file, admins are allowed to validate the data before clicking on Import button.

After checking the data, the detail notification on validation results will appear clearly with detailed results. If the file is perfect, the Import button will display and admins can import the data instantly. However, in case there are any errors occuring, admins need to fix these issues and then import again.

Ajax supported

With Magento 2 Import Export Categories by Mageplaza, there is no action of redirecting or page reloading thanks to the support of Ajax.

With both exporting categories, after selected entity attributes, the categories can be downloaded immediately in the CSV format. Meanwhile, with importing data, with one click, the categories data can be uploaded quickly and importing process will be done without any reloading actions.

More features

Categories Import behavior

Select action of importing process: Add/Update, Replace, Delete

Images file directory

Import images via inserting the path of images file.

Import sample

Download the sample of import file.

Stop/ skip errors

Stop the import process or ignore errors when there are errors

Full Import/Export Categories Features

Import Categories

  • Select Entity Type: Mageplaza Categories Import
  • Import Behaviors
  • Select action of importing process: Add/Update, Replace, Delete
  • Stop the import process or ignore errors when there are errors
  • Enter the error number to pause the import process
  • Enter the marker to separate fields in a column, in the value of a cell
  • Enter the marker to enclose the value in a column
  • Upload the input file to import categories
  • Input the location for the image files if included in the input data
  • Check data, validation results
  • Fix the errors or if there is no error, go ahead with importing

Export Categories

  • Select Entity Type: Mageplaza Categories Export
  • Select attribute label/ code of the exported file
  • The exported data is recorded in CSV file


  • filter_drama Which type of the imported and exported files?
  • filter_drama Can I select the attributes of the exported files?
  • filter_drama If my input file includes image data, can I import it?
  • filter_drama How many types of importing behavior?
  • filter_drama What I have to do after validating the data?
  • filter_drama Can I set the error number to stop the import process?

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