How to retain customers?

Retaining customers is 5 times cheaper compared to acquiring new ones (Econsultancy), and has the selling probability 3 times higher (Market Metrics). You need to retain customers in multiple stages in the purchase process, but more importantly, do it consistently with clear strategies.

1. Build a community

Building a community may vary depending on the platform you prefer. You can either create a blog, or a social media group to let customers discuss with you and with each other.

Blog and Social Suite are a good start for your business. Creating a blog and integrating social media experience on your online store can be done with ease. Facebook Plugin, Twitter Widget, and Instagram Feed allow you to unify the experience across platforms.

2. Apply loyalty scheme

If customers join a loyalty program that positively impacts their satisfactions and behaviours, there is an 80% higher chance they will choose you instead of your competitors, and twice higher probability they will recommend your store to their friends (McKinsey).

Once they become a part of your loyalty program, they will get more privilege and therefore come back more frequently to accumulate rewards. That is why this tactic will definitely retain your loyal customers, as long as the rewards are diverse, personalized and engaging enough. Use Magento 2 Reward Points extension to create all types of rewards for different customer groups.

3. Offer surprise gifts

Surprise your customers with free gifts once in a while to generate positive feelings. Customers can feel your sincere care, and even share the experience widely. What a way to create popularity, isn’t it?

Free Gifts can be configured due to rules automatically or manually. Shoppers are free to select their preferred gifts and add to cart.

Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Magento 2

Retain customers and boost sales easily by offering free gifts

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4. Keep customers informed

Sending newsletters to customers can keep them informed about the latest news and offers, which is a useful communication channel for your store. It also constantly reminds them about your brand to keep you at the top of their minds.

You can use the Newsletter Popup extension to include popup in any pages on your site. These pop ups can be customized with your own messages and designs to attract customers to subscribe.

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