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Short Overview

Magento 2 Reports extension helps online stores track, process and manage their business better with advanced customizable reports. Statistical data collected from customers, orders, sales, and products on a regular basis are highly informative, providing great help to store owners in both business and marketing decision-making.


Eliminate any related-paper and memory-required tasks

With the fluctuation of store activities, sales and a lot of other elements, it seems impossible to note and track the business data by memory, even papers.

Therefore, Advanced Report is really essential to e-commerce stores because it helps to collect, compare and analyze every side of business situation properly and simplify admin workload considerably.

Highlight features

See what make Magento 2 Advanced Reports stand out!

Magento 2 Customize report

Customize & compare report periods

Mageplaza Better Reports extension allows store admins to customize the period in which the data is collected. The time period can be one day, one week, one month or any period.

Especially, store owners can make comparison easily between two separated period. For example, the sales this month compared to last month. This demonstrates clearly the change to be positive or negative.

New advanced reports

Along with other reports which are already accessible and available in default Magento 2, Mageplaza Advanced Reports provides more advanced reports:

  • Sales Report By Location: Show the overview of sales by locations
  • Repeat Customer Rate: Show the percentage of customers come back to stores in a specific time
  • Conversion Funnel: Show the most typical data related to Product view, Add to Cart, Order Number
  • Extra card reports: Stock vs Sold, Customer Group, Abandoned Carts (Pro version)
  • Extra 8 Sale By Reports (Report Ultimate version)
Magento 2 Advanced Reports
Magento 2 Line-chart Reports

Display Reports data by charts

In the standard version of Mageplaza Advanced Reports extension, reports on repeat customer rate, transactions, total sales, average order value, tax, and shipping will be displayed as line charts.

This helps store owners have a visual look at the statistic data, making it easier to compare, follow and process. In every graph, the rates between numbers will also be shown with red standing for positive statistics and green indicating negative ones.

Filter report elements

In the Pro version of Magento 2 Advanced Report, the admins can select the features of a report to make the filter action.
For example, the Sales Reports By Location can be filtered by order status: completed and processing.

magento 2 advanced reporting
Magento 2 Flexible Dashboard layouts

Flexible Dashboard layouts

With Mageplaza Better Reports module, the store admins are allowed to customize the layout of the admin dashboard easily. On the Magento 2 Dashboard, store admins can drag and drop to move report cards around and arrange figure sections with ease.

Moreover, the report board’s size can be adjusted by pulling the double arrow. Both of these features are ready to make the dashboard layout neat and well-organized.

Multiple Report dashboards

One interesting feature of the Reports Ultimate version is saving layout view. After the layout has been arranged carefully, the store admin can save the new layout as a saved view for the next time.
It is possible to create multiple saved views and select the preferred one any time.

magento 2 Report dashboards

See more details of Magento 2 Reports extension

Informative presentation

Your store numbers and figures are rendered into reader-friendly line graphs with a nice interface, allowing better comprehension and management.

Rates & Changes Reports analysis

Not only does the extension produces drawn charts, it provides comparisons between time periods as well. The results will be instantly displayed along with the graphs.

Enhanced Advanced Reports

With Better Reports module, the default report that comes with Magento 2 is improved with more in-depth examination of Revenue, Tax, Shipping and Quantity.

High compatibility

As a Mageplaza product, Magento 2 Advanced Reports is designed to be compatible with our other extensions, for example Reward Points Program, Gift card and Affiliate Program. If you have them installed and activated, their results will go into Advanced Reports as well, making gathering all the information you need much faster and easier.

Report Dashboards Mobile-friendly

Mageplaza Better Reports is designed to be displayed properly in mobile devices

Drag & Resize Report Dashboards

Easy to customize the layout of admin dashboard by resizing or dragging each report

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Magento Edition

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  • Supports for Magento 2 Community Edition
  • Mobile Dashboard supported
  • Extra advanced reports: Sales by Location, Repeat Customer Rate, Conversion Funnel
  • Add charts for Totals, Orders, Shipping, Tax
  • Select period time
  • Hide/ Show Report Cards
  • 60 days refund - no question asked
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  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • FREE installation for all
  • Includes all Professional features, plus ...
  • Add 8 report types of Sale By: Category, Product Attribute, Attribute Set, Payment, Coupon Code, Postal Code, Hour, Weekday, Tax Rate
  • Add User Wishlist report
  • Add Customer By Location report
  • List and Chart Display for Sales By Hour/ Weekday
  • Create and Save multiple dashboard views
  • 60 days refund - no question asked
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Magento Edition

Total: $199

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  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • FREE installation for all
  • Includes all Standard features, plus ...
  • Extra card reports: Stock vs Sold, Customer Group, Abandoned Carts
  • Add View Details to more cards
  • Filter function at View Details grid
  • 60 days refund - no question asked
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Can I collect the data from any period I want and make comparison with the last period?

Yes, definitely. With Advanced Report, store admins can select any report (on the calendar) as well as select the comparing report easily. The data will be collected accordingly.

Q. Can I rearrange the layout of dashboard?

Yes, the dashboard layout is totally customized by dragging report cards and resizing them by your wish easily.

Q. What are the new reports compared to Magento default?

There are 3 main extra reports including Sales By Location, Repeated Customer Rate and Conversion Funnel in Advanced Reports

Q. Can I save the dashboard views after I make change?

Yes, this function is available in Reports Ultimate. The store admins can save multiple dashboards and next time they come back and select one from drop-list.

Q. Can I buy this extension for FREE?

Mageplaza Reports extension the standard version is still free on Github. However, the Github version does not include Mageplaza technical support package. If you still consider downloading the Reports module on Github, please visit here.

Q. Are the reports responsive to mobile devices?

Yes. Advanced Reports are displayed well on mobile devices (using access key), which allows store admins to view anytime and anywhere.

Q. Can I filter by specific elements such as sales by order status to get more details?

Yes, in Pro version, you can select the elements to filter at the View Details section of the report.

Q. Do I need to pay for monthly subscription?

No. It is the one-time payment and no hidden cost.

Q. How can I install this module?

Yes, you definitely can! You can install Mageplaza Advanced Reports extension as any other modules. You should follow our instruction here. Otherwise, you can buy our installation service, our experts will help you get the module installed on your website within 24 hours and solve any issues during the installation.

Reviews (17)

What our customers say
  • Usefull plugins

    This plugin shows much better reports with more details than the default Magento report chart we see on the dashboard. I would really recommend this extension. We can also customize easily this plugin, not find any issue,

    Posted by Indus Valley on 27 July 2019
  • Useful extension

    Useful extension, easy to install and use.

    Posted by Nana on 05 July 2019
  • Simple Insights

    It gives a resume of the most important data. They are well grouped and you can -- in a glance -- get insight in your business.

    Posted by Jan Hurstjes on 24 June 2019
  • Great useful extension

    It simplifies the way to see and check the reports, better than the native Magento report, simple and plain to understand with chart and comparison. Also, the mobile dashboard is very useful!

    Posted by xdev on 27 May 2019
  • Much better

    Much better report with more details than the default Magento report. I would recommend this extension. You can also easily customize the position of the reports graphs.

    Posted by Andrea on 18 March 2019
  • Great Addition to Admin Panel

    Reports is a great way to visualize your sales, orders, etc without running anything external for graphs. Works great on Magento 2.3.1. The only issue I've seen is flickering in the graphs on some browsers.

    Posted by Jerry on 10 March 2019
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    Feature Comparison Table

    Standard Professional Ultimate
    General configuration
    Enable/Disable the module
    Enable Chart
    Enable Comparison
    Configure Report cards layout
    Compare figures between different reports
    Compare statistics with previous periods
    Mobile Dashboard
    Report Types
    Card Report
    Lifetime sales
    Average Order Value
    Repeat customer rate
    Sale by location
    Best sellers
    Last Orders
    Last Search Terms
    Top Search Terms
    Most view products
    New customers
    Conversion Funnel
    Details Report
    Sales by product
    Cart abandonment
    Sales by location in details
    Sales by country
    Sales by state
    Sales by city
    Best-sellers report in details
    Sales by customer groups
    In-stock and Sold-out products
    Sales by Category
    Sales by Product attributes
    Sales by Product attributes set
    Sales by Postal code
    Sales by hour
    Sales by weekday
    Sales by tax rates
    Sales by payment type
    Sales by coupon code
    Customers by Location
    Users Wishlist
    Support Multiple Dashboard
    Save Multiple Dashboard View after change
    Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
    Support multiple stores
    Support multiple languages
    Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
    1-year free support
    Lifetime updates
    60 days money back guarantee