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Mageplaza Reports for Magento 2 is an innovative module which helps online stores track, process and manages their business better with advanced customizable reports. Statistical data collected from customers, orders, sales, and products on a regular basis are quickly sorted out, providing a great help to store owners in both business and marketing decision-making.

  • 2 new informative advanced reports
  • Customizable report period
  • Report comparison
  • Highly informative line-chart reports
  • 16 report cards

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What stands out in Mageplaza Reports
advanced reports

New advanced reports

Along with other reports which are already accessible and available in default Magento 2, Mageplaza Reports extension provides two more advanced reports:

  • Sale by Location report
  • Repeat customers rate report
While the Sale by location report gives store owners an overview of sales in specific countries/regions, that of Repeat customer rate shows how your loyalty program is going in a visually comprehensible way.These statistical data are also ready to be compared with that of the previous period on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis.

Customizable report period & report comparison

Store admins can select a period in which statistical data is demonstrated. Mageplaza Reports extension allows you to show figures of:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month
  • Last month
  • Custom range
With Custom Range, admins are able to select specific time for the report and will not be limited to any range of time.

customizable reports
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Line-chart reports

In standard version of Mageplaza reports extension; reports on repeat customer rate, transactions, total sales, average order value, tax, and shipping will be displayed as line charts. This helps store owners have a visual look at statistic data, making it easier to compare, follow and process. In every graph, the rates between numbers will also be shown with red standing for positive statistics and green indicating negative ones.

Flexible Dashboard layouts

On the Dashboard, store admins can drag and drop to move report cards around and arrange figure sections with ease. Moreover, the report board’s size can be adjusted by pulling the double arrow.

Flexible layout

Report comparison

Moreover, statistic data can be compared with that of the previous period which includes:

  • The previous month
  • The previous year
  • Custom range
With Custom Range, store admins can filter figures which belong to a specific period of time to compare with the initial ones.

More features

Check out more details of Mageplaza Reports
pdf invoice preview

Visual and informative presentation

Your store numbers and figures are rendered into reader-friendly line graphs with a nice interface, allowing better comprehension and management.

pdf invoice preview

Rates & Changes analysis

Not only does the extension produces drawn charts, it provides comparisons between time periods as well. The results will be instantly displayed along with the graphs.

pdf invoice preview

Enhanced reports

With this module, the default report that comes with Magento 2 is improved with more in-depth examination of Revenue, Tax, Shipping and Quantity.

Full Features List

  • Enable/Disable module with ease
  • Highly informative Dashboard
  • Enable store admins to show/hide and customize report cards layout and size on Dashboard
  • Enable store admins to compare figures between different reports
  • Two new advanced reports: Sale by location and Repeat customers rate reports
  • Automatically handle and render figures as line charts
  • Reports in a specific time period of admin choice with no restriction on date and month
  • Compare statistics with previous periods
  • Enhance default reports on Tax, Revenue, Shipping and Quantity

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Do Mageplaza provide a free version for this module?

Yes, we do. Mageplaza Reports extension for Magento 2 - the Standard version is free of charge. We still provide free 1-year support for this version.

Q. What makes the reports generated by this module different?

They are displayed as line graphs with details in figures and changes. Colors and numbers in the charts help store owners visualize about trends and statistical data more easily.

Q. What’s new in Mageplaza Reports extension?

Mageplaza Reports extension collects and shows the figures of sale by location and repeat customers rate.

Q. How can I see the trends/changes in figures?

You can compare figures with that of previous periods such as previous month, year or even previous custom range. Refer this for more info.


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For Store Admins

  • 12 premade templates are available to use
  • Supports Barcode, QRcode
  • Print Invoice (as default) or Print PDF Invoice (using custom PDF templates)
  • Ability to preview templates after editing
  • Ability to work with 4 types of documents: Invoice, Order, Shipment and Credit Memo
  • Ability to enable/disable options to attach each type of document
  • Ability to configure specially for each store view
  • Ability to edit or design templates with provided CSS & HTML support
  • Ability to show or hide print button for each type of document
  • Print Invoice/documents in PDF form from the backend
  • Ability to place two print buttons all together or allow only one printing mode
  • Ability to use a specific template for the certain document
  • Ability to check, resend or submit documents in the backend

For customers

  • Receive emails with attached PDF Invoice/documents
  • Download/Print PDF Invoice/documents with ease
  • Download/Print PDF Invoice/documents on the store
  • Print all PDF Invoice/documents on the store

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year Support.
  • Life-time Upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.