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  • filter_dramaWhere I can find my license key?

    At this moment, there is no license keys. Mageplaza does not use license checking method to check the license validity.
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  • filter_dramaDo Mageplaza's extensions have encrypted code?

    Our extensions are 100% Open Source code. You can make any change to suit your needs but we won’t take any responsibility for any occurred incident due to your customization.
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  • filter_dramaHow many licenses should I have for multiple test sites?

    Q: We’re having several stores with different websites, not in the same domain or Magento installation. We use them on testing/development purpose. Do I have to purchase several licenses?
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  • filter_dramaLicenses for multi-domains under the same Magento installation?

    Q: I’m running multiple stores, multiple domains under the same Magento installation. How many licenses should I have?
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  • filter_dramaWhat is license(s) in Mageplaza?

    This License is entered by Mageplaza to govern the usage or redistribution of Mageplaza software. This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Mageplaza for Mageplaza software product(s) which may include extensions, templates and services.
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