How to speed up Magento 2?

Slow loading speed may be due to different reasons, but optimizing current website content can improve the speed significantly.

1. AJAX technology

AJAX technology is a new approach which helps your pages load instantly and customers are not redirected to another page. When the pages are running faster, the server workload can be reduced. Use Layered Navigation and AJAX Cart to make your site load more effectively.


AJAX Cart for Magento 2

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2. Optimize Images

If your images are too large to load, it also affects the site speed. With Mageplaza Image Optimizer, you can choose to set your image quality as lossless (keep image quality but lower file size) or lossy (lower quality images and much lower file size). These settings will be automatically activated at a certain time. Besides, all of the original images will be backed up automatically for future usage.

3. Apply Lazy Load

For long web pages, it is useful to load only when needed, to reduce the loading burden for your site.

Lazy Load is a solution where images will only be loaded when customers scroll to that part of the page. A blurry image is going to appear first, and then the full image will be shown.

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