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  • filter_dramaMagento 2 extension error: Blank Page, Site down

    For some reasons, the installation process may cause your store stop working, blank page or site down.
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  • filter_dramaWhere I can find my license key?

    At this moment, there is no license keys. Mageplaza does not use license checking method to check the license is valid or not.
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  • filter_dramaDoes Mageplaza Social Login compatible with YourStore Theme?

    Yes, Mageplaza Social Login now is fully compatible with Etheme_yourstore.
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One Step Checkout (2)

  • filter_dramaAdd a custom checkout field in Magento 2

    To add custom checkout fields, it requires technical Magento 2 knowledge base.
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  • filter_dramaDoes Mageplaza One Step Checkout compatible with YourStore Theme?

    Yes, Mageplaza One Step Checkout is fully compatible with YourStore Theme
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Support Services (1)

  • filter_dramaWill I get free support and updates?

    Yes, Mageplaza offers free support in 1-year and lifetime update for all extensions developed by Mageplaza. After 1-year support, you can extend your support period, it starts from $50, find more details here
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