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  • filter_dramaCreate Coupon Codes

    In the Cart Price Rule, Coupon Code is created so that buyers at your store will get the discounted price. The Coupon Code can be generated individually or in bulk for a certain customer group or specific individuals depending on your purpose. Coupons can be sent to others via emails or included in newsletters, catalogs, and advertisements such as banners on the website.
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  • filter_dramaCreate Coupons Usage Report

    Coupon is the encoded serial that allows getting the discount when customers apply it in the checkout process. You can come back the Create Coupon Codes in Magento 2 to learn how to create a specific coupon code in an easy way. There is a way to create mass coupon codes, customers can apply coupon by clicking that you provide, learn more.
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  • filter_dramaHow to Create Mass Coupon codes in Magento 2

    Everyone loves vouchers, obviously. In this digital era, e-coupons are especially favored by millions of online shoppers because of their convenience. Also, digital marketers strive to take advantage of e-vouchers in their marketing or sales campaigns as this is always an affordable and easy solution for online businesses.
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  • filter_dramaHow to Import Coupons Codes in Magento 2

    Having your coupons created right from your backend is awesomely fast, convenient and accurate. However, for some reasons you already have the codes for the coupon generated beforehand by another party. Maybe because it is easier to manage, you want to implement a huge number of codes at once or you simply have someone else did it for you. Nevertheless, if only you can just implement them right into the store!
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  • filter_dramaMagento 2 Apply Coupon by a link

    After creating and sending your coupons with the Mageplaza Magento 2 Generate & Import Coupon extension, all that’s left is for the customer to actually use it. Yet, this very last step could sometimes not go as smooth as you expected. Maybe the customers get lost in shopping and forget about the coupon, or they don’t feel like dealing with a long, complicated string of code. Anyhow, difficulty in applying coupon is one of the factors that cause a long and complex checkout process, which in turn is the second most popular reason for cart abandonment during checkout.
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  • filter_dramaHow to Generate coupons by link in Magento 2

    Having the Mageplaza Better Coupon at your disposal is great as it allows for quick creation and delivery of coupon.
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