How to reduce cart abandonment?

7 out of 10 customers tend to abandon their carts, as stated by Baymard Institute, which is such shocking statistics for any online businesses. There are multiple reasons why customers abandon their carts that you can find here. You should first identify causes and then take proper actions to reduce the abandonment rate:

1. Make checkout step easy

In the research of Invespcro, 11% of shoppers may leave due to the complex checkout process, 12% due to too much information required, and up to 14% do not finish checkout because they are not allowed to purchase without an account.

One Step Checkout equips stores with:

  • Address suggestion with Google Maps Suggestion enables quick and correct address filling.
  • Checkout as Guest to allow customers who hesitate in registration still can checkout
  • Social Login fastens the account creation step, where customers can use other existing social accounts without having to enter repetitive details
  • Custom Checkout Fields for admins to edit the questions and details used in the checkout form.

2. Keep customers before they exit

If customers are going to leave your site, keep them stay by displaying popups with exciting offers.

Better Popup provides ready-made popup templates and allows message customization as you wish. You can also place the popup anywhere, restrict display time, or re-display after a set period.

3. Display fees clearly

Up to 22% of shoppers claim that they cannot see the shipping costs, leading them to abandon the cart at checkout step (Invespcro). In some cases, customers may select additional services, which charge them extra and they want to see the fees well before deciding to pay.

Use the Shipping Cost to show fee estimations right at the product page, and Extra Fee in case you offer extra services such as gift wrapping, special delivery, etc. All these fees will be shown clearly in the checkout.

4. Apply email strategies

When customers have found their desired products but those items are not available, they will leave your store and may never come back to check the stock status. If they abandon the cart due to the high price, then a discounted offer may encourage them to finalize the purchase.

Product Alerts by Mageplaza is equipped with both out-of-stock and price-change alerts for all product types, where notification emails can be sent automatically or manually to all customers, even the non-login ones. With custom design, time settings, and product requests reports, admins can easily manage this extension.

Abandoned Cart Email sends emails automatically to your mailing lists when they leave your site without finishing the checkout. You can either remind them of the forgotten carts, allow them to edit and go back to the cart instantly, or include more offers for better persuasion.

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