How to increase my website ranking on Google?

68% of the starting point of online experiences is with a search engine, according to Brightedge Research. In addition, Hubspot states that 70% of marketers think SEO (search engine optimization) can generate more sales than PPC (pay-per-click). Therefore, increasing website ranking on Google is the first step to build a better position in the industry for your business and boost sales.

1. Improve loading speed

Page speed is one of the website ranking factors of Google, according to their announcement in 2010, and an update in 2018.

  • Search Auto Complete with AJAX technology allows auto-complete search results shown right away, which enhance customer experience and
  • Image Optimizer compresses multiple image types, either keeping the quality (Lossless) or lowering the quality of images (Lossy).

You can also audit your Website Performance and check out how to improve page speed in Magento 2 guidance to see more detailed solutions.

2. SEO check

SEO automatization is the answer to how to increase website ranking on Google. Using a tool like Magento 2 Better SEO or Magento site audit service to check essential criteria will reduce your workload in ensuring that your content is friendly with search engines. You can avoid duplicate content, preview rich snippets, use metadata and Hreflang tag, as well as advanced HTML/XML Sitemaps.

3. Create a Blog

Updating regularly on your own blog with unique content allows you to provide customers with latest news, reach higher rankings on search engines and drive more traffic. Better Blog is a great solution to help you build a SEO-friendly blog where customers are engaged deeply.

4. Motivate user-generated content

When your site attracts new content generated by users, it is possible that you can move up multiple rankings. Moreover, it also builds trust and provides more useful content for your store.

You can use Better Product Reviews to enable customers to rate, interact and leave reviews for products. In case they have purchased the item but have not submitted any reviews, you can remind them by using Review Reminder. Besides, the FAQ page can also be utilized to let customers ask questions and you reply to those issues.

5. Make use of social media channels

Social media networks are one of the first places that shoppers may want to find information about your business and connect with you. The more they interact with you, the more unique content will be generated, and the more popular your business’ social accounts will be. In fact, it is found that Google and other search engines take factors as social shares to rank your website, according to CognitiveSEO’s research.

Mageplaza Social Share enables shoppers to actively share their experiences on social media accounts thanks to sharing buttons placed all over the store site. After they share something on social channels, a thank-you message popup will appear to show appreciation.

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