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SMTP (7)

  • filter_dramaCan I send a test email?

    Absolutely you can, this is one of the must-have features in SMTP extension especially. We have write this carefully in our user guide. Besides, you can figure out How to configure Gmail SMTP in Magento 2 by this tutorial.
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  • filter_dramaHow to translate SMTP to other languages?

    Multiple languages is one of default feature in Magento 2 and so does our extensions include it. Languages package and a very detailed tutorial has been writen here How to translate Mageplaza extensions to other languages. Languages can be translated both in backend and frontend.
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  • filter_dramaI need your SMTP's User guide

    Thanks for your interest in our module! Magento 2 SMTP’s User guide can be found here.
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  • filter_dramaIs there a way to log and view the emails sent to recipients?

    This can be accessed by the following Mageplaza > SMTP > Email Logs. From here you can look back all the sent email from the server to customers. This log email can be cleaning periodically.
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  • filter_dramaWhat types of authentication/encryption are supported?

    They are:
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  • filter_dramaWhere could I configure email sender?

    Make your way to Magento backend Store > Configuration > General > Email address > General Email.
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  • filter_dramaConnection timed out

    Sometime you got this message when test with Mageplaza SMTP. Error message: Connection timed out
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