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  • filter_dramaCan I send a test email?

    Absolutely you can, this is one of the must-have features in SMTP extension especially. We have write this carefully in our user guide. Besides, you can figure out How to configure Gmail SMTP in Magento 2 by this tutorial.
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  • filter_dramaHow to translate SMTP to other languages?

    Multiple languages is one of default feature in Magento 2 and so does our extensions include it. Languages package and a very detailed tutorial has been writen here How to translate Mageplaza extensions to other languages. Languages can be translated both in backend and frontend.
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  • filter_dramaI need your SMTP's User guide

    Thanks for your interest in our module! Magento 2 SMTP User guide can be found here.
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  • filter_dramaIs there a way to log and view the emails sent to recipients?

    This can be accessed by the following Mageplaza > SMTP > Email Logs. From here you can look back all the sent email from the server to customers. This log email can be cleaning periodically.
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  • filter_dramaWhat types of authentication/encryption are supported?

    They are:
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  • filter_dramaWhere could I configure email sender?

    Make your way to Magento backend Store > Configuration > General > Email address > General Email.
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  • filter_dramaConnection timed out

    Sometime you got this message when test with Mageplaza SMTP. Error message: Connection timed out
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  • filter_dramaSMTP does not working

    I suggest you check again your mail server first. Please notice that our SMTP module is just a tool, your mail server should be able to work itself first. To test its functions. Please follow this instruction Then you can ask your host provider about this, they will help you troubleshoot SMTP issues. If you are using google, you need to do some extra settings, please follow this link If you did all the things or the host provider confirms everything is working, please let us know, we will check the issue for you.
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  • filter_dramaIt works on testing but in real case it does not

    Please help us check the following points:
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