How to increase shopping cart value?

Asking customers to buy more is not always easy, as it may seem like you are trying to rip them off with unnecessary items. Make a decent research then build a suitable plan is essential:

1. Sales Promotions campaigns

When you set up a target for customers to pursue, they have clear goals and are more willing to achieve. Multiple promotions can be created depending on your strategies and capabilities. Remember to consider what seems suitable for your customers and the store images.

Promo Bar and Promo Banner can be used to show notifications attractively anywhere on site with flexible designs and messages. Free Shipping Bar displays messages to motivate shoppers to spend more to reach the free delivery goal.

2. Make limited-time offers

Limited time and stock can be a way to urge customers’ quick purchase decisions. They may feel the urge to grab the chance right away.

You can show Daily Deals on the homepage, display Countdown Timer for limited time offers, and use Custom Stock Status to highlight the product status. All of these modules will create the urge more effectively.

3. Cross sell and Upsell

While cross sell suggests products to complete the needs, upsell refers customers to higher versions of the current product. Both of these tactics are to recommend extra items to increase the cart value.

Mageplaza provides online merchants with extensions such as Frequently Bought Together and Automatic Related Products to make product recommendations become easier. You can totally customize the recommendations settings in the backend to display products you want.

4. Trigger Fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) phenomenon

Showing Recent Sales Notification is an example, where activities of actual live purchases can be displayed as notifications on your site. It generates ideas and inspires trust by showing what is on trend and how other people are enjoying it. This can trigger shoppers’ fear-of-missing-out feeling, which makes them more likely to buy those products.

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