How to process orders quickly?

Quick order processing can increase customer satisfaction and boost your profits accordingly. Start applying the following tactics:

1. Offer multiple shipping options

Instead of promising to process all orders in a certain time period, you can give multiple shipping options for better customer satisfaction, extra gain in delivery charges, and reduce overwhelming workload at once.

Table Rate Shipping extension shows different shipping options and fees in tables for customers to compare and select conveniently.

2. Set up a order management system

An effective order management system saves you from wasting time and efforts to control orders in your store.

Several tools can be named as follows:

  • Mass Order Actions helps you make changes to orders in bulk
  • Keep track of order history data with Order Export
  • Add extra Order Attributes such as comments, delivery times, or surveys to understand shoppers’ preferences better
  • Create a number system that makes it easier for you to find and synchronize billing documents by Custom Order Number

Order Attributes

Order Attributes for Magento 2

Collect more beneficial data by creating custom order attributes

Check it out!

3. Be well-prepared

Allowing your customers to pre order can help you estimate the demand and gives you more control over the production and delivery process. If the desired product runs out of stock, online stores can consider restocking the products according to the requests. In addition, in case the new product has not been released yet, this can strike more interest for shoppers.

You can set up the pre-order feature for all product types using the Pre Order module for Magento 2. It also shows custom pre-order labels as well as the expected available date on site, and displays notices in email confirmation.

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