How to optimize search results?

Google claims that 53% of customers always research before purchasing at any store. Moreover, 30%-60% of shoppers who search on site will convert up to 4 times more (Coveo). Not only should your site’s SEO ranking be high, but you also need to make information on the site easy to be searched for. What you should do is speeding up the search process and giving more relevant results.

1. Upgrade product filtering system

How your product filtering operates will decide how easy your customers can find their desired items. Magento 2 Layered Navigation assists you with outstanding features:

  • AJAX loading shows results instantly without reloading the page
  • AJAX Search to get results much faster when entering a letter
  • Price Slider displays only the items in custom price range
  • Shop by Brand feature shows only products of the selected brands
  • Infinite scrolling keeps everything on one page only

2. Optimize searching tools on FAQ pages

To reduce the workload of admins and support team, it is advisable that you set up a FAQ page, where common issues can be solved with ease. In addition, that page should be organized logically and engagingly, as well as easy to navigate.

Mageplaza FAQ extension enables you to create SEO-friendly FAQ sections with instant search, custom designs and question voting for more interaction.

3. Sorting functions

When customers have their own criteria in selecting products, showing only relevant results to them can help them decide more quickly and enhance their experiences.

Product Sorting for Magento 2 is essential in creating sorting options and direction for all products in your store. You can have up to 12 product sorting options with customized labels and display results ascendingly or descendingly.

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