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  • filter_dramaCan I gather all order's data from several addresses under one email?

    Yes, you can fuse all the different email under one email ID only. You can hit us up by:
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  • filter_dramaCan I transfer my order data from old to a new email one?

    Yes, you can transfer your order data to new email account. You have two ways in two cases:
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  • filter_dramaI can't find any reset password response in my Inbox and Spambox.

    We’ll definitely check our mail system later, but first:
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  • filter_dramaTransfer extension's data to my email from the other's account?

    Q: The email that purchased your product belongs to an old colleague who left the job, so I can not ask private infomation of that email. How can I transfer purchased extension’s data into my own email?
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  • filter_dramaWhy I can't login to Mageplaza's store?

    Here some useful tips you can give a quick check:
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