How to secure my store?

An online store has to face various security threats from automatic bots and data thefts. If your store is not protected well, you may suffer from losing the website and as a result, lose customers’ trust. In some serious cases, you may even have to pay a lawsuit for losing customers’ data. To avoid those outcomes, you need to:

1. Check customers’ identities

Automatic bots are always trying to invade your site, so you should use tools to check the shoppers’ authenticity.

Visible Google reCAPTCHA extension requires them to complete a puzzle to prove their human identity, or the invisible reCAPTCHA may automatically verify if there is no doubt.

2. Protect the backend

The attack could happen anywhere, even in the backend. Admins’ accounts can be hacked and damaged if not protected.

Allocating admins’ particular roles can minimize the redundant access in each section of the store. With the help of the Admin Permissions module, you can set the user roles with ease. Some online stores also use the Two-Factor Authentication, which requires usual login information and the unique authentication code, to make sure that the login effort is checked carefully.

3. Set content as private

You may want to hide sensitive content from several customer groups, either due to the law or your own strategies. It also helps restrict irrelevant users from accessing your pages.

Use Required Login to only display relevant content to specific users. The Age Verification module is also a solution to hide content from underage visitors.

4. Check your security frequently

Security extension is a necessary tool to help you check various criteria in security. It displays warning messages for you to keep track of all the possible risks. Besides, it records the login log to easily trace any suspicious activity. Certain IP blacklists and whitelists can also be created in the backend to complete the protection.

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