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Promo Banner for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Promo Banner for Magento 2
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Promo Banner for Magento 2 decorates store sites with promotion and notification banners with various styles, especially slider and pop-up. Promo Banner supports to attract customers and notify them about any store updates such as sales campaigns, upcoming events and latest news effectively.

  • 6 display styles of promotion banners
  • Configure action schedule for Promo Banners
  • Easily custom banner dimensions
  • Attach conditions to promo banners
  • 3 methods to insert promo banner anywhere: Selection, Widget, Snippet
  • Attach redirection URL
  • Auto close and auto reopen
  • Compatible with Banner Slider, Better Popup,One Step Checkout,Promo Bar,Free Shipping Bar



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Problems and Solutions

Benefits Of Promo Banners To E-commerce Stores

  • done_outlineEffective in promotion and advertisement campaigns
  • listVarious styles to impress visitors
  • doneNo limitation to banner position to upsell

    Promo banners can be placed anywhere store admins want to motivate customers’ purchases. Promotion Banners are welcome to all strategic positions such as Top of page, under Add-to-cart Button, under Order Total, etc without any restriction (thanks to using widget or snippet code)

  • perm_mediaMake store sites look more lively and active

Benefits Of Promo Banners To Customers

  • check_circle_outlineNot miss any updated events and news

    With promo bars displayed lively on the top of the page, customers are always well-notified about the latest news or events of the store.

  • check_circleGrab the benefits in sales campaigns
  • moodGain better shopping experience

6 display styles of promotion banners

Promo Banner offers up to 6 different styles of promotion banners which will meet any display requirements of store sites. The advertisement or notification banners can be displayed as a single image, a slider with multiple images, popup, floating, HTML Text, CMS Block

  • Single Image: Fixed one image as a banner
  • Slider: Multiple Images moving forward and backward
  • Pop-up: The banner will be shown as pop-up when customers visit site page(s)
  • Floating: The promo banner will be displayed as a floating box which follows page scroll
  • HTML Text: Banners at the format as HTML with free customization
  • CMS Block: Select a CMS block to assign as banner

Thanks to the diversity in display styles, the store admins can apply banners to store site in a flexible and attractive way.

Promo Banner

Configure action schedule for Promo Banners

Promo Banner

Store admins can save a lot of time when the promotion banners will be activated automatically at the beginning of each campaign. With Promo Banners extension, prepare banners for different campaigns is so convenient with schedule function.

Store admins can define the start date, end date, time to reopen and reclose for each banner at the admin backend. Depending on that, the banners will be triggered and appear at the frontend at the exact moment.

Easily custom banner dimensions

It is easy to define the dimensions of the promotion banners on store pages to match with page size and design.

At each banner style, store admins can set the width and the height and other elements such as rejection checkbox (at style pop-up), Next/Prev Buttons (at slider style)

The size of banners are set suitably will make the page look neatly and not annoy customers when they visit store site.

Promo Banner

Attach conditions to promo banners

Promo Banner

In fact, some promotion campaigns are applied in specific cases so the store admins would like to activate promotion banners by conditions.

With Promo Banners, the banners can be assigned with specific product attributes or cart attributes. When the customers’ purchase meet the conditions, customers will see the appearance of banners accordingly.

For example, a shipping promotion is applied to only New York City, so when customers fill New York as the shipping country, the “Free Shipping” banner will be displayed automatically.

3 methods to insert promo banner anywhere

Store admins can place the promotion banners at any position on store site with the support of different methods.

The first way is selecting available suggestions, admins are offered some typical and strategic positions such as top of page, top of content, main/ additional sidebar, below add to cart button or below total order to attract customer attention easily.

The second method is using Widget. Especially, Snippet Code for each banner is supported to place the banner at any page and any position as you want.

Promo Banner

More features

Grid management

View, Filter, Edit the banners via a grid

Promo Category

Set the category for promo banners to manage better


Preview banners with HTML and CMS block styles

Popup Responsive

Two responsive types of Popup banner: Center or Full Screen

Direct URL

Add a URL to the banner to redirect customers to another page when click on banner

Rejection checkbox

Add the checkbox to the pop-up to ask whether customers would like to turn off the popup next time.

Sort Order

Set the display position for the promo banner

Show by store view

Show promo banners by each store view

Show by Customer Group

Show promo banners by customer group

Auto Close and Reopen

Auto close promo banners after opening in specific time which is configured from the admin backend. And reopen promo bars after being closed.

Device Responsive

Promo Banners are displayed well on multiple devices: PC, Mobile, Tablet

Mass select

Compatible with One Step Checkout, Better Popup, Banner Slider, Promo Bar, Free Shipping Bar

Full Features List

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Add promotion categories to contain promo banners
  • Allow/ Disallow customers to close banners
  • Set time to auto-close promo banners
  • Set time to re-open promo banners

Manage Promo Banners

  • View, Creat, Edit promo banners via a grid
  • Set name, status for a promo banner
  • Set store views, customer groups for a promo banner
  • Select category containing the promo banner
  • Set start date and end date for the promo banner
  • Set the priority for the banner
  • Set the conditions to show the banner
  • Select banner styles: a single image, a slider with multiple images, popup, floating, HTML Text, CMS Block
  • Upload image to banner (if have)
  • Inset URL redirect link to banner
  • Select position from the available list with 9 options
  • Set banner’s position by using widget
  • Set banner’s position by using snippet code
  • Set time to auto close and auto reopen the banner

Banner Settings

  • Select popup responsive: Center Popup or Full screen popup
  • Set popup width and popup height
  • Show/ Hide rejection checkbox for customers to reject opening banners next time
  • Set checkbox label
  • Show Next/ Previous buttons to forward or backward banners
  • Set time to change banners

For customers

  • Well notified about sales campaigns
  • Be updated with any ongoing or upcoming events and news
  • Not miss the good benefits
  • Have better experience during shopping


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  • filter_drama In which ways can I place the banners?
  • filter_drama Can I auto close and auto-reopen the banners after an amount of time?
  • filter_drama I would like to show a bannert to only some shipping areas. How can I do?

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