Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together Extension

Frequently Bought Together Extension is classified as one of the best tools which allow to suggest related products for customers and help online stores boost sales. More strikingly, the extension also allows shoppers to add all items to their cart simultaneously. Furthermore, other outstanding features will help Magento online stores increase their revenue as well as to satisfy their buyers.

  • Allows displaying native related products on the product page
  • Enables shoppers to select or deselect related items
  • Ability to adjust related products’ attributes
  • Allows shoppers add products to Cart or to Wishlist
  • 100% Open Source & Customizable
  • Product recommendations: Auto Related Products, Who Bought This Also Bought



30-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


1-Year Support

Compatible with: CE 2.1.x - 2.2.x

How it works

Mageplaza Frequently Bought Together runs based on the list of related products generated in the backend. The extension enables showing one or several items which are often bought with the initial product. The number of frequently bought suggested products can be set in the backend, which helps optimize your store’s revenue. It is also easy to customize other outstanding features in the backend such as the ability to add all to cart, show total price, deselect related items and many more. Figure it out yourself below!

Problem & Solutions

When a buyer visits an online store and views a product, other related items can be displayed and become a good recommendation for him to also buy other nice stuff. However, this customer can have difficulty dealing with a large number of his desired items when he has to direct to other different product pages and manually add things to cart. You can see that this process is time-consuming and, unfortunately, unprofessional and annoying.

Luckily, we Mageplaza is able to help online stores solve this. By developing a new extension called Frequently Bought Together, we help you suggest beautiful native related products to your customers and promote them to purchase these items better by allowing them to add all to Cart. Also, buyers can even adjust product’s attributes right on the original product page and see the total price of their selected items. No time wasting, no complicated purchase process at all.

Responsive design

Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together has a user-friendly interface which can easily adapt to multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles.

magento 2 frequently bought together

Product Recommendation

magento 2 frequently bought together

By using related product list generated in the backend, Frequently Bought Together will automatically display one or several items which are considered to be often purchased with the product being viewed by shoppers. Native related items will be displayed nicely with thumbnails and details such as name, price and other information. All can be configured easily in the backend.

Add or remove items

Your customers might feel happy with some items and find others unnecessary. Thus, Frequently Bought Together by Mageplaza enables shoppers to manually deselect or reselect products by ticking a small checkbox beside each item. Otherwise, buyers can always add all suggested items to their cart with ease only by a single click on Add all to Cart button

magento 2 frequently bought together add remove

Support Custom Options

magento 2 frequently bought together custom options

A native related product might offer multiple options about color, size or materials. Customers will not have to access every single product page to select each item’s attributes thanks to this outstanding feature. Frequently Bought Together allows buyers to stay in one site and select products’ attributes with a user-friendly interface and simple manual actions.

Display Price, Total Price

Frequently Bought Together by Mageplaza will automatically display the total price of all products and also every single item’s price to make sure buyers get enough information. In case buyers make any change in selecting related products, the total price will be changed automatically with Ajax loading. This feature will perfectly enhance your customer's’ satisfaction.

magento 2 frequently bought together

More features


Custom block title

Allows admins to enter the block’s name in the backend or it will be titled Frequently Bought Together by default.


Restrict related item quantity

Set the maximum number of related products you want to display in the product page


Automatically change total price

Auto-update the total price immediately after buyers performing selecting or deselecting item(s)


Remove the related product block

Allows admins to display or remove the Related Product block in the backend


Change separator image

Allows showing separator image as default or using your own image


100% Open Source

This module is 100% open source and can be customized with ease.

Full Features List of Frequently Bought Together

  • Allows admin stores to enable and disable module in the backend
  • Name the block of frequently bought together items with ease
  • Displays product’s thumbnail image, name, and price
  • Ability to restrict the number of native related products
  • Enables shoppers to deselect or reselect suggested products to Cart
  • Allows buyers to select product’s attributes to find their wanted items
  • Enables shoppers to add all products to Cart
  • Enables shoppers to add related item(s) to Wishlist
  • Automatically display updated total price by Ajax loading
  • Allows remove the Related Products block or displays it along with the Frequently Bought Together block.
  • Allows customizing the separator image showing up beside each product’s thumbnail image.

Other features

  • Responsive design
  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year Support.
  • Life-time Upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.


  • assignment_ind

    Posted by Jeff Owens. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Love the extension, but unfortunately, not fully compatible with EE when Google API is enabled -- produces 5xx server errors. Support was very helpful in trying to debug, but they don't have an EE instance to test on. They provided a custom patch and CSS workaround but would prefer a clean, fully-compatible version instead to make future version updates seamless.

  • assignment_ind
    Great support

    Posted by Gary Higgins. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Great support, thanks

  • assignment_ind
    Great Extension

    Posted by Shayan. verified_user Verified Buyer
    I use to use another providers extension in Magento 1.9 it really sucked, this one from Mageplaza has done wonders, I`m really enjoying using it, the site has gotten smoother and we are getting a better conversion! This version of Frequently Bought Together is far superior than the others in the market!

  • assignment_ind
    Must have extension..

    Posted by Skyfish. verified_user Verified Buyer
    I can clearly see the rise in our sales with customer now opting for combined accessories for the cameras that we sell. We no more have to bother calling them up to inform them about possible accessories; all is automatic now.

  • assignment_ind
    Amazing features

    Posted by Edmee . verified_user Verified Buyer
    FBT is a big wow, it works perfectly in my store. I’m fascinated with the selecting and deselecting feature, it’s smooth and it’s quick. Product’s attributes can be chosen easily. Oh and Ajax loading helps things appear fancier. Good job Mageplaza!

  • assignment_ind
    I’m here to compliment Mageplaza technical team

    Posted by Sabrina . verified_user Verified Buyer
    Well! I’m sure that you’ll never find any support team which is such dedicated, thoughtful and helpful like the technical team of Mageplaza. I used to have issues with extensions from some different vendors, but nowhere I could get great support as I can now in Mageplaza. So, you guys! I’m sending my big thanks to you. Wish you all keep your enthusiasm and the good work! Thank you so much again

  • assignment_ind
    Nothing to complain

    Posted by Daniel D. Miller. verified_user Verified Buyer
    I looked around on the net for Frequently Bought Together extensions and chose Mageplaza for its reasonable price and some cool features. Compared with other extensions, I had much better experience, it runs smoothly, fast, automatically and it can do exactly what I expect from a Frequently Bought Together extension. My online store looks more professional and we’re glad to share that the revenues have been increasing noticeably. Well done Mageplaza!, hope you keep the good work!

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