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Magento 2 Pre Order extension   v1.0.0

Magento 2 Pre Order extension
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Magento 2 Pre Order by Mageplaza allows customers to place the order to the products which are not available at the current purchase. With the support of Magento 2, customers can keep going to process checkout with unavailable or out-of-stock products easily.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


The benefits of previous orders

Great benefits for customers

  • check_circle_outline Get notices about product status in a positive way

    Customers can easily know out-of-stock status of a product but also know that this item can be pre-ordered. This is the positive notification for customers.

  • event_available Make a pre-order for an upcoming product

    Customers can book new products even before it is in stock and available for delivery.

  • refresh Backorders are placed for out-of-stock products

    Back-orders are placed on products that are already ranged, but are currently out of stock. The quantity can be zero or smaller than customers’ demand.

  • mood Have better shopping experience

    Customers are allowed to keeping on checkout with their preferred items even when out of stock. This helps customers feel more satisfied and positive when they go shopping on the store site.

Significant advantages for store owners

  • group_add Not miss potential customers

    Seeing Pre-order notice will hold on customers and they can keep checkout and wait for the products coming back. Therefore, stores do not miss potential customers and can increase sales of unavailable products.

  • thumb_up A way to show good customer care service

    Do not make customers disappointed when they see unavailable products. Stores offer pre-order to help customers feel more positive and receive notice as soon as products come back to stock.

  • call_made A way to analyze customers’ needs

    Depending on the numbers of pre-orders which are made by customers, store owners can get to know that which products are expected the most currently.

  • call_made Take advantages for better sales

    Mixing discount campaigns with pre-order products is a wise strategy to attract customers. Customers will be willing to place pre-orders to gain better prices. As a result, a store can increase sales significantly and be more competitive than other rivals.

Pre-order or backorder for various product types

There is no limitation to any products to apply pre-order. From the admin backend, store owners can pick any items with any attributes to set pre-order status.
The product types can be applied including:

  • Simple Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Bundle Product

Magento 2 Pre Order - Backorder extension

Pre-order based on specific conditions

Magento 2 Pre order based on specific conditions

It can be applied Pre-order extension based on specific conditions. The conditions are based on the stock quantity for a product:

  • The product is out of stock: The quantity is zero
  • The product is upcoming: The quantity is zero
  • The product quantity is smaller than the customer’s demand

The extension will sort out the products meeting conditions and process pre-order status correspondingly.

Pre-order notifications

To help customers realize the current situation of products, creating notification messages are necessary. Messages notifying customers about product availability will change based on specific conditions:

Based on product situations For examples, when customers add the products which are out-of-stock or upcoming, the notice will be about the pre-order items included in the carts. However, in case the required quantity from the customer cannot meet, there will be a notice about the remaining items available.

Based on specific product pages Admin can allow showing notices on specific pages such as Category page, Product Detail page, Shopping Cart Page, Checkout page, Admin Order Page, Frontend View Order Page, Admin View Order Page.

Display Expected Available Date

To notify customers about the available date of pre-order products, store admins can set the “Stock Status” Label. This label will show the time the items coming back to store stock.

The date can be a specific date such as Nov 20, 2019 or an estimated time from the current day.

The flexibility in the format of stock status label allows customers to set available time easily.

Customize all label types with ease

Interestingly, all the labels of Pre-order extension are customizable easily from backend configuration. Admins can change the following labels:

  • Add to cart button: For example, replace Add-to-cart button to Pre-order button
  • Stock Status label: Variables for date format are supported
  • Notices on pages (checkout notice, order notice, Cart item notification)

More features

Notice on email

Notice on pre-order items automatically appear on order confirmation emails

Notice on invoice

Show pre-order notices on Mageplaza PDF Invoice

Extension compatibility

Well compatible with Mageplaza extensions: One Step Checkout, Product Alerts, PDF Invoice

Manage pre-orders

Admins can create, edit, delete any previous orders easily

Full Magento 2 Pre Order Features

Pre Order & Backorder for store admins

Pre Order General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select quantity conditions to apply pre-order
  • Select customer groups to apply pre-order

Backorder display configuration

  • Set label to replace Add-to-cart button
  • Set stock status label
  • Select page(s) to show stock status label
  • Set label for Cart Item Notification

Pre-order display configuration

  • Set label to replace Add-to-cart button
  • Set stock status label
  • Select page(s) to show stock status label
  • Set label for checkout notice
  • Select page(s) to show checkout notice
  • Set label for order notice
  • Select page(s) to show order notice

Pre Order & Backorder for customers

  • Be notified of the availability of products: out-of-stock, upcoming, or lack of quantity
  • Allow customers to book products even when they are not available for the current purchase


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