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How to Add Order Labels/ Notes/ Tags in Magento 2

How to Add Order Labels/ Notes/ Tags in Magento 2

How can store admins optimize their order management process, with thousands of orders and will increase everyday? Being able to create Order Labels is one of the best ways to reduce admins’ workload and the chaos on your order system. By giving a deep knowledge of Order Labels and its benefits to administration tasks, this post is written for you who are looking for a great solution of managing orders effectively. Let’s see how can we add Order Labels in Magento 2 stores.

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What is Order Labels?

What is Order Labels

Order labels simply is the name, note or flag that admins can assign to specific orders to clarify and distinguish them more easily. With the Magento stores, Order Labels module supports more advanced functions than that. It can provide admins the ability to generate order attribute columns such as order Notes, Order Priority, Order Status or Shipping methods correspondingly.

This add-on is most helpful for websites having a large number of orders. Only one admin cannot handle it when they need to manage and modify to update the order data everyday.

Why e-stores need to manage Order by Labels?

Issues with current functions of order management

With the configuration of Magento 2 Default, admins are not allowed to create more column to fill in other information of orders at the order grid. Moreover, notes, flags, or any images are unable to add. The content of each available column is not able to modify with icons. This leads to the inflexible in clarify the order to better navigation and control them later.

Issues with current functions of order management

When stores have many orders and collect various order specifications, they would like to show it out to the order grid to quickly view and notice. Another issue is that when stores have a lot of orders, it is demanding to give priority levels for processing. This requires some extra noting tools to highlight and remarks to manage the important or urgent orders well.

The super benefits that New Order Appearance brings about

With Order Labels, store admins no longer are worried that they miss necessary information of orders. Extra columns can be added easily and without any limitation.

Why e-stores need to manage Order by Labels?

Besides. Order labels works as a noting pens to helps store admins take note important or urgent orders easily. They can use colorful text, any icons such as flags or signals to add at order section easily.

Last but not leaset, this function supports store admins to take note and beautify order grid creatively. Store admins can manage orders better to meet customers requirement while they also feel good with order grid look.

How to add Order Labels with Ultimate features

In this article, you are intrduced to a optimal solution from Mageplaza Order Labels extension. You can download Order Labels module here and then learn how to setup this extension with your system. We believe that the following features will make you more confident about your choice.

Unlimited Columns Can Be Added

Unlimited Columns Can Be Added

Mageplaza Order Labels extension allows store owners to add additional columns to the order management grid in the backend. The attached labels of orders will be included in these columns.

Store admin can add various labels working as notes or remarks for order with the support of these new columns. Besides adding columns of Magento 2 default, new ones such as Priority, Notes or Shipping Methods can be added based on certain purposes.

Therefore, store admins can save and view orders’ important information more convenient.

Labels For Orders Is Auto-assigned

Labels For Orders Is Auto-assigned

Order labels are included in the extra columns. Moreover, according to different conditions from order attributes, the labels of orders can be assigned automatically. Below are some conditions from the order attributes:

  • Total: Grand Total, Total Weight, Total Qty, etc
  • Status
  • Customer Group
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Location
  • Payment Method

With the application of automatic assign-label process, the admin tasks can be simplified which can help store admins save a considerable amount of time for other activities. However, you will need to make sure that the conditions are accurate and unity as the labels will be assigned based on these.

Lively Order Labels With Icons

You can beautify the assigned labels for each order by using colors, icons or images.

Lively Order Labels With Icons

More specifically, with one click selection, the order label can be set as text only, image only or mixing between text and image. Besides, the text’s color and background can be freely customized.

In addition, you can set the images as flags, badges or any icons which work as the orders’ remarks. For instance, you can attach the signal icons with different colors like red, orange, or blue to set the priority levels for the orders.

Add Images Or Icons To Order Labels

Add Images Or Icons To Order Labels

Using Order Labels extension, you can now modify the status by adding icons or images. You can decorate it with beautiful images, colorful text, and background.

For instance, a clock icon can be attached to the pending status, or you can add a check icon for complete status. As a result, admins can recognize the order’s current situation easier and quicker.

All supported features of Order Labels extension

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Allow adding new columns and names
  • Manually-added labels can be allowed/ Disallowed to be removed when applying auto-assign conditions
  • Activate the auto-assign conditions to set labels automatically by clicking Run.

Configure Order Labels

  • Allow creating names for new labels
  • Turn on/ off the order labels
  • Choose the columns which new order labels are included in
  • Allow setting the label’s display order
  • Allow setting the label’s display type: Image or/and text
  • Allow uploading the image for the label
  • Turn on/ off auto-assign labels
  • Allow setting the auto-assign conditions according to order attributes
  • Allow adding labels for order status at the Order Status grid

Final Words

If you are looking for a tool helping you with the out-of-control order numbers, Magento 2 Order Labels is the best solution for you. The plugin allows adding extra columns, then auto-assigning labels with colorful images or any icons to orders at the backend order grid. Order Labels helps to clarify the orders recorded at the admin backend with better information and illustration.

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