Twitter Widget for Magento 2


Twitter Widget for Magento 2 allows stores to attach Twitter account in store websites. This is the trendy way to connect more Twitter users with the stores easily. Twitter Widget is a way to better interact with customers and make the shopping site look up-to-date and professional.

  • Timeline or Tweets embedded styles
  • Like, share and follow a tweet easily
  • Able to show images, videos on Twitter block
  • Easy to customize Twitter block
  • Snippet for any location on site
  • Compatible with Mageplaza's extensions: Instagram Feed, Configurable Products Preselect, Size chart
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Magento 2 Twitter Widget for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Adobe Commerce
2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Twitter Widget for Magento 2

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Twitter Widget for Magento 2

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The benefits of Twitter Widget on the store site

Showing Twitter widget right on store site will help stores collect a number of new followers who are Twitter users. As a result, stores can reach potential customers on another popular social channel - Twitter.

Placing a Twitter block which displays the latest news of products, beautiful images and lively videos will make customers more excited to discover more. This seems they are relaxing on a social channel and going shopping.

Store locator will provide customers with full location information such as store locations, contact points, operating hours. Therefore, customers quickly acquire the necessary information, and store owners do not have to take calls all day.

Twitter is one of the most favourite social channels, so placing Twitter on store site is a way to connect customers and stores more closely. This makes customers feel more comfortable during their shopping.

Implementing another trendy channel on the website creates the professional look to an online store. The interface of the site becomes more interactive and animated. Customers feel it up-to-date to access simultaneously news on both channels - website and Twitter.

Different embedded styles

Twitter Widget support different styles for embedding Twitter on store site including Timeline and Tweets.

Embedded Timeline Embedded timeline will show the latest Tweets on store site in a compact and linear view. A store site can easily display the latest Tweets from a twitter account, lists or curated collections. The store admins just need to paste the URL of Twitter timeline on the backend configuration.

Embedded Tweets Embedded Tweets allows store owners to pick a special content from Twitter to show on store site. An embedded Tweet including photos, video and card media or even stream live video definitely will make the storesite look more lively and attractively. Also, every Tweet can be easily copied and pasted into the store webpage.

Interaction with Tweets on site

Like, share and follow During shopping on store site, if Twitter users feel impressed with any Tweets, they can easily click for Like or Share their favourite Tweets via various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Tumblr quickly.

Visit a new Tweet via hashtag or mention Besides, with the click on a hashtag or a mention on a Tweet, a customer will be redirected to a new Tweet to view more.

Media supported

All the photos, videos of every Tweets can be well displayed on site without any limitation. Customers can view the photos and videos right on the shopping site. Store admin can show the eye-catching images of their products or funny videos on Twitter block at the Homepage to catch customers’ eyes at the first sight.

Lively videos and colorful photos will attract customers’ attention more easily and make them more interested during their shopping.

Customize Twitter display with ease

Twitter block on store site can be customized easily to well match with the site’s color scheme. Tweet widget supports customize almost design elements of the embedded block including:

  • Theme
  • Link color
  • Border color
  • Block width
  • Block height

Store owners can easily customize the Twitter widget to gain the best appearance on the store page.

Snippet widget supported

With Mageplaza Twitter Widget extension, customers can place Twitter block any where with the support of snippet widget.

The snippet code example are available from the backend extension so admins can easily to embed on any CMS Page, Static Block, .PHTML file, Layout file easily. Therefore, the latest Tweets can be shown on any pages on site, any positions onThe limitation each page easily depending on specific purposes.

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More features

Tweet limitation

Limit the number of tweets appearing on the block

Display thread

Show/ Hide the thread related to a tweet

Display media

Show/ Hide images, videos and links on Twitter block

Full Features List

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Show/ Hide Follow button
  • Set the username for Twitter account of store
  • Select theme for widget
  • Select color for the links on widget
  • Set color for the widget border
  • Set the width and height of the widget
  • Snippet code to show widget anywhere
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Store locators, Import/ Export CMS, Static Block, Google Maps

For customers

  • Update the latest news of Twitter right on page
  • Easy to interact with the latest tweets
  • Have a better experience on site


There are two types including Timeline and Tweets.

You can like, share and follow easily.

Yes. You can do it easily from setting, go to Widget Options > Hide Media

Yes, please go to Widget Options > Hide Thread

Yes, you can select the display elements, color and dimensions from the backend setting with ease.

Yes, the extension supports Snippet widget, so you can add the widget to any place you wish.


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Excellent extension

Thanks to Mageplaze team who offered this great extension which helps for marketing and does very well in SEO. Very easy to install. Thanks again to Mageplaza for this free extension.

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