Facebook Plugin for Magento 2


Magento 2 Facebook Plugin, Comments, Widget, Feed allows store owners to embed and promote the Facebook page right on the main shopping sites. This brings an easy way for visitors to interact with the Facebook page right from the websites they are visiting.

  • Embed Facebook Widget to store site
  • Leave Facebook comments on Product Page
  • Insert Call to Action button: Share, Contact us, Watch Video
  • Customizable design
  • Compatible with Social Login
  • Looking for REST API, GraphQL? ETA: 2-4W Chat now.


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Magento 2 Facebook Plugin for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Facebook Plugin

Facebook Plugin for Magento 2

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Facebook Plugin for Magento 2

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How does it work?

Facebook Plugin extension allows embedding Facebook Feed right on the website with the same tabs and information which are displayed on Facebook’s interface. Store owners can easily promote the channel to customers who don’t know the availability of it as well as create a professional and trendy look for the store’s site. Customers can comment under a product page, like and share it directly by their Facebook accounts without any complicated default login.

Benefits of Facebook Plugin

Showing Facebook Page on the websites notifies visitors about the availability of another channel. The customers feel curious to find more, drop by and then click on the Like button to follow. As a result, the Page has gained the new potential followers. Besides, if the followers comment or share a store’s posts, it will continue enriching the number of followers of the Fan Page.

According to Statista, as of the third quarter of 2018, there are 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users, which brings Facebook to become more and more trendy all over the world. As a result, visitors tend to be more interested if they can access shopping information quickly via this frequently-used channel.

Embedding Facebook Page on the website brings the easy contact between visitors and store owners via multiple channels. Customers and store staff not only can chat via the website chatbox but also via Facebook messenger, or Facebook comment on sites. As a result, stores can support customers more effectively and raise the conversion rate significantly.

Implementing another trendy channel on the website creates the professional look to an online store. The interface of the site becomes more interactive and animated. Customers feel it up-to-date to access simultaneously news on both channels - website and Facebook.

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget allows adding tabs on Facebook Page on site with three options: Timeline, Event, Messages. With embedding Facebook Feed on your sites including three popular tabs, store owners can show all the updates on Facebook when customers are visiting their site easily. Each tab takes on the specific function: Timeline tab for all updated news on products and history, Event tab for the upcoming events and Messages for contacting between stores and visitors.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Plugin allows customers to leave their comments easily right on the product view pages. Here customers are able to give the feedback, questions about their concerned products by using their Facebook account. This is a useful function for several reasons. Firstly, customers can leave their comments and then get the Facebook notification when store owner gives answers. Besides, the other visitors can easily view already-answered feedbacks/ questions to get knowledge of the products. It is the fact that when visitors visit your sites and see the feedback and comments of other customers, they feel that the site is interactive and tend to spend more time to find more about the products. In addition, store owners also can easily manage Facebook comments via Facebook apps.

Call to Action button

To support stores in digital advertising, Facebook Plugin allows activating Call to Action button. The button name depends on the settings of Facebook based on each campaign. The button can be Share, Watch Video, Call Now or Register Now. Call to Action button plays an important role in motivating audiences to take the real steps toward becoming stores’ customers. This is the determining factor turning a lead into a conversion.

Customizable Design

The appearance of Facebook Plugin can be customized to suit the site from the admin backend. The customizable elements are width, height, header and the display of cover photo, profile photo and Call to Action button.

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More features

Posts number limitation

The number of comments posted on Facebook Plugin can be set limitation.

Embed to any CMS

Easy to embed snippet code of Facebook Plugin widget to any CMS Page and CMS block on site.

Mobile responsive

Facebook Plugin is well responsive in both Mobile and PC devices.

Extension compatibility

Customers can log in on Facebook Plugin with Mageplaza Social Login

Full Facebook Widget Features

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Copy and Paste Facebook App ID
  • Add Facebook URL
  • Select tabs to display: Timeline, Events, Messages
  • Set width, height for the plugin
  • Show/ Hide cover photo, profile photo
  • Show/ Hide Call to Action Button
  • Enable/ Disable small header
  • Insert Snippet code to CMS pages/blocks
  • Enable/ Disable Facebook comment
  • Set title for Comment tab
  • Set width for Comment tab
  • Manage comments via Facebook Apps
  • Compatible with other extensions as: Countdown Timer Bar, Twitter Widget, Static Block, Instagram Feed

For shoppers

  • View timeline of a store’s Fanpage right on the store site
  • Update a store ‘s Facebook events when visiting the site
  • Leave a comment/ question on Product Page via Facebook login
  • View other comments/ feedbacks about products


You can do it with the following path: Go to Block > Elements then select Facebook Widget. Then, you can embed the widget on any CMS Page or Block you wish.

Three tabs including Timeline, Event and Messages you can select to add on Facebook Plugin

Yes, absolutely. Call to Action buttons can be allowed to appear from admin backends. Please note that the your Facebook page has already set up this button.

You can do it easily from setting fields on the admin backend


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12 June 2019

Easy Facebook widget

This extension simplifies the way to implement Facebook plugin widget, just need to set the Facebook application ID account, then enjoy. Customizable and it interacts with the customer by the social network! 5 stars deserved

Xdev -Verified Purchase
25 January 2019

Free plugin but work perfectly

Thank Mageplaza for bringing this awesome plugin. You are one of the best Magento developers. I also want to thank your supporters for fast and professional support. Thank You so Much!!!

Vidal-Moshe Olshvangas -Verified Purchase
15 January 2019

Exellent Module

And it comes with excellent support. Highly recommend! I recommend to all Magento2 owners. Thanks every document from your team. Keep great work, Mageplaza team! Great Job!

Erc07 -Verified Purchase
12 January 2019

Great product

Thank you mageplaza for making this valuable product, I can say only this is an awesome working product, no need too much technical knowledge

Rishi -Verified Purchase
07 January 2019

Very good product

Dear sir First of all, thank you, very nice product, well-developed code and it's working with every theme, this is a nice point this product, very well done keep it up

Rishi -Verified Purchase
07 January 2019

Very nice product

The Facebook plugin is a very great product and well-developed code, easy to install, when I tried to install this, I faced no problem and now working fine with my store

Rishi -Verified Purchase

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