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Magento 2 Social Suite is the mixture extension for Magento 2 store to optimize the sales effectiveness in social channels via the integration of multiple applications including Social Login, Social Share, Facebook Plugin, Instagram Feed, Twitter Widget, and Share Cart.

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Magento 2 Social Suite for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Social Suite

Social Suite for Magento 2

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Social Suite for Magento 2

Great benefits of Social Suite

With Magento 2 Social Suite, the store site will look more trendy and up-to-date with the integration of the most popular social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

All in one Social Suite brings a lot of convenience to visitors on the store site. Firstly, the registration process becomes simple and fast by login via social accounts. Secondly, customers can follow all updates of the store via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right at store site easily. More importantly, leaving a comment or sharing a product page via social accounts enhances the shopping experience of customers considerably

If store site and social channels of the store are separated without any connection, visitors visiting the store site are likely to have no idea of the social channels such as Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account of the store. Meanwhile, with the integration of social channels on website, customers at least can know that they have more ways to view or communicate with stores. In addition, their interaction actions such as comment, like, share is the great way to expose store brand on the the channels with an enormous number of potential customers.

Simplify login process with social channels

Social Login Module is integrated to facilitate the login process of customers via social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. Customers no longer have to sign up an account via Magento default with many information requirements. Instead, they can log in quickly via their available social accounts conveniently. Multiple social networks are supported in the extension:

Social Suite

Share shopping experience on social networks

Social Suite

After customers login conveniently and go shopping, Social Share will support customers to share their shopping experience easily to friends via multiple social channels. Social buttons of various popular channels are positioned attractively to home page, categories page and product page to draw customer attention.

With one click, customers can share their favorite items quickly to friends. Moreover, this is a great way to promote store brand, reach out to many more potential customers and increase sales.

Embed Facebook page on store site

Embedding Facebook, the biggest social media site around, with more than two billion people using it every month, on the store site is an effective way to increase interaction with customers.

Adding tabs of store’s Facebook Page to store site with three options: Timeline, Event, Messages to show all the updates on Facebook and notify visitors about another shopping channel of the store. Especially, Call to Action buttons are displayed to motivate customers to like, share and interact with Facebook page. Besides, a shopper can leave a comment about a product via his Facebook account conveniently.

Social Suite

Attract customers with Instagram images

Social Suite

Bring an attractive look to store site with Instagram photos via Instagram Feed. Admins can easily create Instagram Widget and embed the Instagram block on the Home Page, the Category Page, the Product Page or any CMS pages to attract customers and make the store site look trendy and impressive.

Especially, sorting function allows store admins to select the typical images to show out such as the pictures with the most likes, the most comments.

Add Twitter Feed to store site

Social Suite also integrates Twitter Widget, one of the most popular social networks in the world, on the store site. This is a great way to connect customers using Twitter as their common social channel, and make the store site look more up-to-date and professional.

Twitter Widget supports various styles to embed Twitter on store site including Timeline and Tweets, so this brings the flexibility to store owners. Moreover, during shopping on the store site, if Twitter users can interact with Tweets easily by clicking on Like or Share.

Social Suite

Share cart with ease

Social Suite

Suggest a proper combination is easier than ever with the Share Cart button! After picking favorite items to the shopping cart, then clicking on Share Cart button, a customer can share the proper cart to anywhere with a copied cart link quickly and easily.

The share link after being clicked on will redirect the users to the identical cart with the same products and quantities. This helps the shopping moment become time-saving and convenient.


Social Suite is the package extension with various sub-extensions including Social Login, Social Share, Facebook Plugin, Instagram, Twitter and Share Cart.

Yes. Our Social Suite supports multi-stores. You can use multiple stores in the same Magento installation.


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