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Loyalty Program for Magento 2   v1.0.1

Loyalty Program for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension is a must-have tool for every store that is building effective discount programs for loyal customers. This module helps store owners create multiple exclusive discounts for loyal clients based on order and customer data



60-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Most-used Loyalty Program Case Studies

  • local_atm Case #1: Bill over $500/30 days

    Customers who have spent over $500 in the most recent 30 days will be offered free shipping in the next 5 orders

  • local_play Case #2: VIP program

    Customers who have spent from $2000 in a year is VIP customer. VIP customers get a fixed 20% discount on every order over $100 and a fixed 10% discount on every order below $100

  • person_pin Case #3: Big customer

    Customers who have purchased 10 times on store with the average order value being equal or over $100 will be offered a fixed $50 discount on the next purchase (the 11th order)

  • group Case #4: Super frequent fan

    Customers who have purchased at least 4 times on store in one month will be offered buy 2 get 1 free program

Offer special discount by order & customer data

Create special discounts based on order data including:

  • Number of orders
  • Total order amount
  • Average order amount

Create discounts based on order subselection including:

  • Order status
  • Period (days) after order placed

Discount created according to customer attributes. Mageplaza Customer Attributes extension is integrated into Magento 2 Loyalty Program module so you can take advantage of this to release personalized loyalty programs which fit individuals and specific customer groups. These customer attributes can be: email address, date of birth, gender, TAX/VA, etc.

Magento 2 Loyalty Program offer special discount

Discounts designed based on purchase history

Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension

The customers’ purchase history such as the frequency, purchase times, shopping period on your store can be used to create special discounts. This encourages loyal purchasing behaviors and motivates customers to shop more frequently on your store.

Emails to loyal customers

2 types of emails can be sent to loyal customers as a means to announce them about their loyalty programs. Admins can enable or disable these emails and select email templates for each. These emails also work to motivate customers to rejoin a loyal program when it expires for some reasons.

  • Announcement emails when customers successfully joined one loyal program
  • Announcement emails when customers are no longer enabled to access a loyalty program

Magento 2 loyalty extension

Create a loyalty program page with details and statistics

Magento 2 Create a loyalty program page

A loyalty program page is created in customer’s account page so they can keep themselves posted to special discounts that you offer. On this page, all details and statistics of their current loyalty programs will be featured. Moreover, the estimated expiration date is displayed

Notification settings are displayed on this page also. Customers have rights to enable or disable one or both 2 emails from your store about their loyalty program notification.

A static block about loyalty program’s benefits is featured on this page too. This block can be turned on from the backend.

Manage loyalty levels by grid

All loyalty programs are displayed in a grid where you can perform quick changes on names, status and priority.

From the grid, admin can also click to edit the rules in details.

Magento 2 Manage loyalty levels

Estimate and display expiration date (upcoming feature)

Customers can see their loyalty program’s expiration date in their My Account page. This feature works as a reminder to the participants about their benefits. Also, this creates urgency for them to upgrade, renew or make more commitment to qualify themselves for the loyalty program.

More M2 Loyalty Program features

Manage customers in levels

Customers are managed in levels and assigned specific loyalty programs based on rules

Loyalty program page

Customers can follow important information on loyalty program on the Loyalty program page

High compatibility

Mageplaza Loyalty Program is compatible with Customer Attributes, Order Attributes, Static Block, M2 Reward Points

Static block

A static block including information on your loyalty program can be featured on the Loyalty Page


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  • filter_drama Do I need to pay monthly subscription?
  • filter_drama Is there any limitation on the number of members in each program?
  • filter_drama When a customer is downgraded from a program to a lower level?
  • filter_drama When a customer is upgraded from a program to a higher level?
  • filter_drama Which are terms and conditions for privacy polity of Mageplaza Loyalty Program module?

Reviews (1)

  • assignment_ind
    Really necessary extension!

    Posted by Antonio on 24 April 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Loyalty Program is really helpful to my stores with very long-term customers. They help me to take care of loyal clients with sales or VIP special programs. The feature I like the most is creating programs based on conditions, so I can modify my loyalty programs easily and suitably. Very useful extension, I recommended it to everyone.

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