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Magento 2 Review Reminder / Feedback extension   v1.2.1

Magento 2 Review Reminder / Feedback extension
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Review Reminder Magento 2 extension is a great solution for your store to increase conversion rate and boost sale. By allowing sending automated notifications to customers who have purchased products from the store, you can save time and get more reviews from them. The more reviews you get, the more trustworthy the store looks, which is an important factor for customers to decide on buying products from your store.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x



It’s obvious that the store with many good reviews is likely to get higher conversion rate than the one with no product review because customers might not have enough belief in the product quality, they feel risky to try a new thing they haven’t ever experienced.

Store admins, for sure, can send emails to their customers to remind them about leaving some kind words for the product. However, to get it done manually is time-consuming and ineffective.


Magento 2 Review Reminder extension helps you deal with this problems. By automatically sending emails with different SKUs to customers to remind them to leave reviews for products purchased. This tool helps cut down workload, yet it is still effective.

How Review Reminder works?

Magento 2 Review Reminder based on information left by customers during checkout process like email address, will automatically send reminders to ask buyers leave comments on their orders.

How Magento 2 Review Reminder works

Flexible email chain configuration

Magento 2 Smart Review reminder extension help store admins to configure email chain flexibly. Specific time, sender and email templates can be easily set in the backend.

magento 2 Review Reminder Flexible configuration

Remind Reviews Email Logs

magento 2 review reminder email logs

Store and keep track of all sent and scheduled emails and take actions whenever required. Store admins can delete emails, send emails again or preview emails

Reviews Reports

With Reviews Report feature, online stores can keep track on figures like email sent and errors. The report can be displayed in a specific period of time.

magento 2 Review Reminder reports Review

Integrated with Google Analytics

magento 2 Review Reminder integrated google Analytics

Magento 2 Review Reminder integrated with Google Analytics, this feature helps store admins follow and determine from where shoppers get the link back to product page.

Review Reminder's More Features

Personalized Emails

Reminder emails appears like personal emails

Clear logs

Clear all the review reminder email recorded in bulk.

Compatible with SMTP

Review Reminder extension works perfectly with SMTP

Google Analytics

Detect from where the link to product review was clicked

Email Tracking

Keep track of email sending process with email logs


Store admins can select specific items to be reviewed

Full Magento 2 Review Reminder Features

For store admins

  • Easily to configure review reminder email chains to get reviews from customer
  • Save time by using pre-made email template or customize their own emails
  • Be able to set time, select sender and template for the email
  • Be able to send email from different senders such as general contact, customer support, sale representatives, custom email
  • Send reminder emails to customers on a single item or on a whole order
  • Allows admins to preview email before sending
  • Allows admin to send mail again or delete mail
  • Use Clear Logs button to quickly delete all email logged
  • Keep track the link which brings back shoppers to the product page by using Google Analytics
  • Record all the review reminder email process through a grid including ID, order, email subjects, receivers, sequence number, scheduled at, sending date and email status
  • Selecting specific products to get reviews by including or excluding SKUs
  • Allow sending emails to subscribers only (GDPR compliance)

Product Review For shoppers

  • Receive personalized reminders email about products reviews
  • Easy to send review by clicking on the link

Other features


  • filter_drama Does the module integrate with SMTP?

    Yes, it does. Moreover, Mageplaza Review Reminder is also compatible with nearly 100% of other 3rd-party modules

  • filter_drama How Google Analytics support me in this extension?

    This function helps store admins follow and determine from where shoppers get the link back to the product review. You don't have to keep track thousand of customer's order status at the same time.

  • filter_drama I am wondering whether I can preview email before sending or not?

    Absolutely possible. You can use button preview to see how your email looks before sending it to customers.

  • filter_drama My customer often order 3 items at once. How can I send them just one email to get all reviews of products they purchased?

    You just set time, sender and email template in the backend, customer will automatically receive email with links to comment on product.

  • filter_drama Is Mageplaza Review Reminder compatible with GDPR extension?

    Yes. Mageplaza Review Reminder and GDPR extensions are fully compatible. When a customer deletes his/her account, none of his/her information will be remained in Review Reminder

  • filter_drama Can I use my own email-templates?

    Yes! you can edit and create your own templates easily in the backend

  • filter_drama Will this send and request review for each of purchased product or per order?

    Magento 2 Review Reminder is able to send reminder emails to customers on a single item or on a whole order.

  • filter_drama Can my reminder emails be set up in a specific time separately?

    Of course yes, you can set those reminder emails be sent after purchase process ended a specific time. Also, the period of time between email chains can be configured easily so that you won't cause any annoyed feeling urgently or uncomfortable request for clients.

  • filter_drama I want both registered customers and guests can be received my emails. Is this possible?

    Provided that your customers and guests leave their email addresses when ordering, they can receive your review reminder emails.

  • filter_drama To comply GDPR, we are not allowed to send emails to customers without their consent. Does Mageplaza Review Reminder send reminders to only subscribers?

    Mageplaza Review Reminder completely comply GDPR, only subscribers will receive reminder emails if you configure it in the backend.

Reviews (9)

  • assignment_ind
    I cannot thank Mageplaza enough for your amazing support

    Posted by David Hickling on 30 May 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Mageplaza extensions are fantastic and the support you receive if you run into a problem is second to none. I have a number of their extensions installed on my installation (M2). They are all easy to install and add a fantastic dimension to my store. I cannot thank Mageplaza enough for the great extensions they develop and for their support customer service.

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent extension

    Posted by marina on 27 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It is a simple plugin but it does the job well. Our review ratings went up by 50% and the number of reviews is multiplied. This is the best extension I have had. Thanks a lot!

  • assignment_ind
    Perfect module

    Posted by Rostyslav on 08 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It's a great module which really fits my needs. Hope it will increase my profit very soon. Also, their support team is very helpful and patient! Strongly recommended for every store owner! It will definitely revert for other modules. Best regards!

  • assignment_ind
    Very good

    Posted by Mohamed on 01 February 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    A review is very important particularly for online business and gives the trust about the business. Magaplaze introducing this amazing extension and helps to remind the customer to review the product and increase the sales buy an amount of customer who reviews it. therefore this extension is amazing and thanks to Magaplaza.

  • assignment_ind
    Solid Plugin

    Posted by Shayan on 17 January 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Oh well! I thought people only reviewed the big sites like Amazon etc, after being frustrated that people did not end up reviewing the products (as we know how product review, can be helpful to increase sales) I decided to invest in the review plugin. Now slowly and consistently we are getting reviews. I'm very glad purchased the plugin! P s: I have to install Mageplaza SMTP to avoid sending to the spam box. This should includes this feature. Anyway, it's a great module to purchase.

  • assignment_ind
    Very convenient

    Posted by William P. Svendsen on 27 December 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Before using Review Reminder extension by Mageplaza, I used to spend hours sending emails to customers to get reviews. Customers often order many items at once, therefore, I have to send many emails and wait for them to reply. Thanks to Review Reminder, I just design my own email templates, set time and select SKU, emails will be automatically sent to customers who purchased things from my online store.

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent customer support!

    Posted by Phoebe Pell on 19 December 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    The revenues of new shoes in my stores was very bad, because no one wanted to be the first to buy this product. Then I found Mageplaza,the support team talked with me hours to help me find a great solution - Review Reminder extension to get product reviews. Since using Review Reminder by Mageplaza, our sales have boosted by 50%. This new product is quite successful.

  • assignment_ind
    Review Reminder is awesome!

    Posted by John C. Quick on 01 November 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    The number of reviews increases 6 times by using Review Reminder of Mageplaza. My store looks professional and more trustworthy! Moreover, I can save a lot of time to focus on customer services.

  • assignment_ind

    Posted by QSS on 07 October 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Does wat you expect. clear and easy setup. really happy with it. in M1 i have tryed to use the mailchimp version and that was a pain n the ass. this is so much better

Release notes

  • v1.2.1

    08 July 2019
  • Compatible with Magento 2.3

  • v1.2.0

    20 July 2018
    • New Feature: Allow sending emails to subscribers only (GDPR compliance)
  • v1.1.0

    13 July 2018
    • Compatibility: Magento 2.2
    • Improvement: support multi-stores
    • Improvement: support regular expression – Other minor fixes and improvements
  • v1.0.0

    10 October 2017
  • Release v1.0.0

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