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Magento 2 Search extension allows showing auto-complete search results right after customers start typing on the search box. Powered by AJAX technology, it helps customers find the right products quickly, improve shopping experience and boost sales ultimately.


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Ajax Search

Ajax Search for Magento 2

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Ajax Search for Magento 2


Magento 2 Advanced Search module is a ajax search engine for Magento 2. It combines all advanced techniques for searching online. Magento 2 Search autocomplete extension is replacing Magento 2 native search engine with Ajax Search. The search engine is much faster, reduce server workload. Thanks for Ajax technology to load and display search result smoothly and effectively.

Why need Magento 2 Ajax Search?

Mageplaza Ajax Search is the perfect solution that will eliminate all Magento 2 default searching weaknesses. Customers will see the searching result instantly, no delay after entering the keywords by Autocomplete search feature so that they can search quickly and save more time. Moreover Mageplaza Search module for Magento 2 is also the best choice for the large-scale E-commerce store with the enormous number of products because this extension supports more than a million of SKUs for the quickly searching system.

If you are finding the module that make your website will be more optimized and flexible in searching product as well as get more satisfied customers and more sales, Magento 2 Ajax Search will be the best choice for you.


View Mageplaza Ajax Search on Actual Magento 2 Stores

Mageplaza Search extension allows customer see the searching result immediately after they start typing only the first letter of the keywords in search box. The search result will be shown as a drop-down list that includes all necessary information of each suggested product such as image, product name, price and short description. This feature helps customer finding the preferred product quicker and better, therefore the conversion rate will increase significantly.

Ajax Search supports up to 10,000 SKUs

Magento 2 Ajax Search supports search by SKU option with up to 10,000 SKUs. If your store is big one and has up to 10,000 items, Mageplaza Advanced Search will be the best choice for you.

Flexible Search configuration options

Magento 2 Search extension allows admin configure easily to show or hide images and price of each product in search result. As default, customer must to navigate the product page to see the product description. Now they can see obviously the necessary information right on the search result. Thus, that make customer can give a decision quicker and exacter.

Maximum search result shown

In the Backend, that is easy to configure the number of search result will be shown in the box. As usual, you can set the number is 10 that means there are 10 items match with the keywords will be displayed in the list with short necessary information. Depends on your design, you should choose the suitable number of search result.

Full Ajax Search features

  • Autocomplete search
  • Auto-display 10 new products/most-viewed products/bestseller products when user clicks on the search box
  • Search by SKU, Support up to 10,000 skus
  • Support result of Products.
  • Limit search result
  • Default start looking up from 1 character
  • Allow admin config show/hide images, price in search result
  • Support all languages
  • Support logograms (for Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters)
  • Easy installation process
  • Responsive themes supported
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Layered Navigation, Better Sorting, Product Alerts, Reward Points Extension

Other Magento 2 Search features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-Year Support.
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade.
  • 60 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.

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10 February 2021



Vix -Verified Purchase
12 June 2020

its great

yeah good extension

karthikeyan -Verified Purchase
17 April 2020


Search as it should be. Accessibility and overview are great. Minor problem with prices including VAT.

Leif-Jöran Olsson -Verified Purchase
17 April 2019

Recommend to use Mageplaza service!

Amazing support. Ben was really helpful. He always gave prompt replies and helped solve the issues quickly. Recommend to use Mageplaza service!

Reynah John -Verified Purchase
02 April 2019


This extension is easy to install and really works very well. The support is also really quick and professional. I will recommend it to all Magento developers

Logo -Verified Purchase
04 January 2019

Excellent! Fast! Returns Accurate and Great Looking Results!

This extension is easy to install and really works well. Results are returned very quickly and accurately. We had another extension but it did not have the accuracy for multiple word phrases that this one does. Mageplaza Ajax Search made a world of difference for our store and our customers. Thank you!

Linette -Verified Purchase
21 December 2018

Great module, greater support!!!

Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. The best support I have received so far!

Vidal -Verified Purchase
25 October 2018

Perfect support!

This is a really cool support. Their support team has supported us in resolving the issues quickly. Sincerely thank you! I would recommend to everyone ;)

Pavlo -Verified Purchase
24 October 2018

Works great

Our developers had no problem in the installation process and the setup is pretty straightforward. It works well and with a one-time payment, it's not pricy :-) It works instantly without any problems now.

Lubomir -Verified Purchase
27 September 2018

Excellent extension

This is an EXCELLENT extension. It's relatively cheap to the nation of others. I hope that Mageplaza keeps creating beautiful things like these. I'll probably continue shopping with you. Thank you very much for your support and help!

PsyDrug -Verified Purchase
11 August 2018

Looks good and runs fast

The Ajax quick search extension is a good way to let the customers find the things they need better and easier. It looks really good with a simple design. It runs very fast, giving you suggestions instantly. The support service is also very good. Good extension :)

Markus -Verified Purchase
31 July 2018

Great support!

Your support service is very quick, very personalized and extremely professional. Thank Mageplaza!

Stuart Meaney -Verified Purchase
16 March 2018


Great extension that makes it really nice and comfortable for my searchings in Magento. Simple installation, very good manual and many options in backend. I ordered more extensions and had a positive experience everywhere.

Claudio -Verified Purchase

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