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Product Reviews for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Product Reviews for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Product Reviews extension brings a better solution for reviews and ratings in online shopping stores. This is a great tool to support customers with useful information and better experience while store owners gain more feedbacks and improve better service.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Wonderful benefits of Magento 2 Product Reviews

Magento 2 Better Product Reviews - a great solution for customers

  • compare_arrows Help customers compare products quickly via review summary

    Instead of having to read all reviews of each item, with Better Product Reviews, customers can see review summary (the average star rating, recommendation percentage) quickly and compare products easily. It becomes more time-saving to pick a preferred item to cart.

  • person_pin Focus on reviews from purchasers

    With Verified Buyer badge, visitors can realize the purchasers writing the reviews. These reviews will be more useful and practical to the viewers to read carefully before making the purchase decision.

  • thumb_up Show appreciation for good reviews

    Customers can express their assessment about the review quality. Click on “Helpful” button can be seen as the thank-you to the review writers for useful sharing.

  • photo Upload images to reviews

    Customers can upload product images when they leave a review. These photos will make the review more real and useful. Then, the store can understand better about the purchaser’s product feedback while other shoppers can know better product quality.

  • group Share reviews to friends

    A customer can share quickly a review to his friends on social networks so they can also get to know about the feedback of the product.

  • mode_comment Receive response from stores

    Customers will feel much more satisfied or calmed down when they receive the reply of store owners to their reviews.

Better Product Reviews for Magento 2 - a great solution for online stores

  • favorite Increase trustworthiness of customers

    Stores with detailed reviews, rating stars, good interaction from customers will make visitors feel more reliable. As a result, they would like to spend time on discovering items in the stores.

  • add_shopping_cart Enhance conversion rate

    Positive reviews from other purchasers will have great motivation a guest visitor. This seems the good reference when they are concerning about the same products. Therefore, the customers will feel more confident to buy the products.

  • trending_up Listen better, improve better

    The more clear customers’ reviews are, the store owners can understand the product quality as well as customers’ demand. Therefore, the reviews will support them to improve product quality to meet customers’ expectation better.

  • format_list_numbered Improve ranking on Google Search

    A good star-rating review of your business within Google’s search results is one of the largest contributors to improve ranking for location-based search queries. Such a review is often the first impression of a customer on a store’s reputation.

Review summary

Better Product Reviews allows showing overall assessment of a product via Review Summary. Review Summary section will show the number of reviews, the average rate, recommendation percentage, star rating chart.

With Review Summary, the customer can quickly browse to view the overall assessment of the concerned products. Then, it is easy to make a comparison between the items, pay more attention to specific ones and make purchase decision more quickly.

Magento 2 Product Reviews summary

Verified purchase badge

Magento 2 product review and rating

Noticeably, with Better Product Reviews, Verified Purchase badge is displayed beside customer nickname.Therefore, this is the way to increase the credibility for the product’s quality.

Besides, customers will intend to buy the items whose reviews are positive and there are real cases of purchase. As a result, Verified Buyer mark looks simple but it works effectively.

Product reviews with images

Another interesting feature of Better Product Review is attaching images with a review. Customers can describe their purchased items more clearly and exactly by uploading some pictures of the product they bought.

Apart from star rating and description words, some images from customers are much more reliable and useful to other visitors who are concerning about the same items.

Magento 2 Product Reviews Extension

Social interaction with reviews

Magento 2 Reviews Extension - Mageplaza

Better Product Reviews allows visitors to interact with available reviews easily and conveniently. Customers can express their attitude towards the reviews of other buyers with ease via different ways:

Rating “Helpful” Customers can rate a review to be Helpful via one click quickly. The number of “Helpful” clicks is well display right below the review.

Social Share If customers find the review helpful, they can easily share the review to friends on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. There is a variety of social channels supporting review sharing for customers.

Sorting Reviews

Besides, customers can easily sort out specific reviews with 3 different criteria: Newest, High Rating, Helpfulness

Newest option: Display the most recent review, so customers can update fresh feedbacks about their preferred items.

High Rating option: Display the reviews having the high ratings from customers. Based on that, customers can know the number of good reviews about a product.

Helpfulness: Show the number of helpful clicks on the reviews. Viewers can know the reviews with the most useful content.

Better Product Reviews for Magento 2

Store reply

Product Reviews Magento2

From the admin backend, a store owner can leave a reply to a review easily. The response increases the interaction for the review section between the store and the customers.

The response is effective in various cases such as a thank-you reply, providing more details of products, explaining some complaints, relaxing customers’ anger and so on. Store’s reply is a way to show how good your customer care service is.

SEO-friendly reviews

Positive attitude towards products can be displayed on Google Search results. With Magento 2 Product Reviews extension, customers will see the product star rating and the number of reviews right after the title on the Google result page.

Reviews will attract customers’ attention to click to view more a page. Besides, when customers are shopping at a store, reviews keep customers to stay longer on the page and this would be good for SEO in overall.

Better Product Reviews for Magento 2

Review reminder on My Account page

Magento 2 Better Product Reviews

To make sure customers not to miss to leave a review on any purchased products, Mageplaza Product Reviews extension will add a review reminder slider in the customer account dashboard.

The review reminder section will appear after the list of reviewed products. The slider includes all the items which were bought by the customer but there is no review. A customer can easily see and add a review instantly just via a button click.

More features

Report Reviews

The grid reports of the reviews by customer or by product. The report is also included in Mageplaza Advanced Reporting.

Review by customer groups

Allow writing reviews for specific customer groups: General, Wholesale, Retailer or Purchaser

Ajax supported

Ajax for any changes on review section without page loading

Recommend checkbox

Agree to recommend a product before writing a review

Limit review quantity

The number of reviews can be restricted from admin backend

Extension compatibility

Well compatible with Mageplaza Google Recaptcha, Review Reminder, Advanced Reports

Full Features List

Product Reviews for store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Allow/ Disallow reminding review on customer dashboard
  • Enable/ Disable Review Summary
  • Select report review status

Write review configuration

  • Enable/ Disable writing reviews
  • Select customer group(s) to apply
  • Allow using AJAX
  • Allow/ Disallow reviewing for all customers or only purchasers
  • Allow uploading images
  • Limit quantity of upload images
  • Enable/ Disable Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Set link title, anchor text, anchor URL, check type for Terms and Conditions checkbox

Review listing configuration

  • Enable/ Disable helpful voting
  • Allow/ Disallow showing store’s reply
  • Enable/ Disable Social Share
  • Allow/ Disallow showing verified buyer mark
  • Allow/ Disallow showing nickname
  • Limit reviews qty per page


  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select Sort type(s)
  • Select Default Sort types
  • Select Default Sort Direction

Product Reviews for customers

  • View review summary and compare products easily and quickly.
  • Read carefully the feedbacks from purchasers before making the decision.
  • Rate the helpfulness of a review
  • Upload product images with the review
  • Share a review to friends on social networks
  • Receive the reply from the store.


  • filter_drama What is included in the Customer Reviews Summary Section?
  • filter_drama As a guest customer, what can I do when I read reviews?
  • filter_drama Can I upload some photos of the product I bought to my review?
  • filter_drama How can I know who leave reviews are the purchasers or not?
  • filter_drama Can a customer sort the reviews as they want?
  • filter_drama I am store admins, can I approve or disapprove the review?
  • filter_drama When a customer’s review is attached with Verified Buyer badge? A: It will appear when the order and the shipment are confirmed by store.
  • filter_drama I am a store admin, can I hide/show customer name or review date?
  • filter_drama Is there any report on reviews?
  • filter_drama I installed Review Reminder. Is it compatible with this extension?

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