Magento 2 Start Tutorial

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Or Shopify

    There are many website platforms nowadays and two most popular e-commerce platforms are Magento 2 and Shopify. It is important when choosing a suitable platform before starting your e-commerce business. Actually, the fact that your online store can reach the success or come to the failure depends on your website platform basement. From that point, to help you have a perfect beginning in your business, we will discuss and give a view of the comparison between Magento 2 and Shopify today.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 vs WooCommerce Which one is better?

    Until now, Magento 2 and WooCommerce are all the popular e-commerce platforms for many online retailers. However, you will wonder what is the better choice for your business, I will give the clear explanation on this topic through the detailed definition of each platform.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Performance Toolkit

    Previous topic, we discussed about Magento 2 Performance Optimization, in this topic, let me introduce Performance toolkit which test Magento 2 store. The toolkit is Jmeter

  • insert_chart Magento 2 System Requirements

    Since Magento 2 was released with a more friendly interface, better performance, and more security, online store owners intend to alter store basement system to Magento 2. The question is how to take all advantage of Magento 2? This post will inform entire Magento 2 System Requirements for you to follow and get the most effective Magento system for your store. In case your Magento store still does not run as well as what you have expected, do not hesitate to install additional extensions.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Demo

    Magento 2 Demo is the live demo site that brings the real experience on Mageplaza extensions instead of installing Magento 2 on localhost. Magento 2 Demo with sample data allows you interacting as a customer in the frontend and working as an admin in the backend.

  • insert_chart Download Magento 2

    Download Magento 2 version never easier. It do not require login to download Magento version. Mageplaza collects all Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions in this list. We are updating the list frequently. We pulled all Magento 2 versions from Magento Github official and site, and Magento 1 versions from OpenMage Github (mirror versions).