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How to Setup Google Adwords Remarketing on Magento 2

Remarketing is a very important part of a digital marketing campaign when a customer visits your website and they leave without shopping or placing any service, and this means you have lost the opportunity to get a customer. Google Remarketing will help you continue advertising to these audiences as they travel anywhere in the Google system or otherwise resell your product to a customer who has ever been interested in your product. Can you make them change their mind?

Remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords will give advertisers a perfect tactic to boost high-value potential visitors back to your site and help increase conversion rates significantly.

With Google AdWords and Google Universal Analytics, these are great Google tools that help you optimize content and analyze customer traffic on your website. If you want to improve your website traffic as well as to attract the potential customers, this is an attractive opportunity to reach out to them. In addition, managing your marketing campaigns is also easier and more effective with these tools.

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In this article, I will introduce you how to configure Google Adwords Remarketing on Magento 2 store

Table of Contents

Benefits of Conversion Tracking for Magento Store

  • Evaluate SEO Performance - Access data regarding conversions in campaigns, ad clicks, and keywords.
  • Identify the effective marketing channels driving customer engagement.
  • Examine data for enhancing user engagement within your store.
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  • Enhance the Return on Investment (ROI) for PPC ad campaigns.

How to configure Google Adwords Remarketing on Magento 2

Step 1: Establish a Conversion Action and Install Mageplaza GTM

  • Log in to your Google Ads account. Navigate to Tools > Conversions.

  • Press + Conversion.

  • Select the Magento website.

  • Choose a category for the desired action to be tracked. Provide a name for the conversion, then click Done.

  • Define the Value if applicable or leave it empty.

  • Configure the Conversion window and settings to specify the duration for tracking conversions.

  • Specify the View-through conversion window.

  • Set Reporting Category to Yes or No.

  • Select the Attribution model.

  • Click Create and Continue to finalize the conversion setup.

  • Download Magento 2 Google Tag Manager plugin, follow this guide to use Google Tag Manager

Get Container ID for setting Magento


Setup in Magento Login to Magento Admin > Mageplaza > Google Tag Manager > Settings


  • Choose Yes to enable the module.
  • Enter Container ID from Google into Google Tag ID field.

Step 2: Install Google Analytics Universal

  • Choose Create Tag in GTM, then select the Google Analytics tag template.
  • Choose Universal Analytics
  • Configure your tag by naming it GA Pageview, then add your Google Analytics property. Finally, choose Track Type. Select your firing triggers. To make a basic Google Analytics installation, select ‘All Pages’. This means that the Google Analytics tag will fire or fire on every page of your site.

Process of Google Analytics Universal

Step 3: Create audiences segment

  • Access the Google website and create an new account on Google Adword
  • Open the View that includes the segment you want to use.
  • Open Reports
  • Click + Add Segment to create audiences segment

Step 4: Create a Adword Remarketing Campaign

  • Sign in to Google Adword
  • Choose Campaigns
  • Click + Campaign and select Display Network only to create a remarketing campaign

Watch this video to know more

Step 5: Monitor and optimize the remarketing campaign

  • In this final step, you need to follow and manage the remarketing campaign to make sure that your remarketing campaign delivers the highest performance for your Magento 2 store.

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