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Installing Magento is when the main website, default store, and store view Store View are created. When choosing the different language, View Name will be changed so you might want to have a more definable thing. It is easy to change and understand the field of Name. In Magento with many store settings, it should not change the Code if the value is not in index.php file. To check the file, you can go to serve in case that you cannot access to it and ask for help from the developers.

To Edit Store View in Magento 2

Step 1: Access to Stores

  • On Admin sidebar, click Stores for all configuration settings
  • Select Settings
  • Select All Stores

Access to Stores

The Store and Status will not be available in editing process

Step 2: In the box Store View

  • Click Name of the view want to edit

In the box Store View

The Store and Status will not be available in editing process

Step 3: Updating the fields

  • Update those fields below
    • Store (not default views)
    • Name
    • Code (if not used in index.php)
    • Status (not default views)
    • Sort Order

Step 4: Completing the editing

Click Save Store View

Completing the editing.


  • Only change Code if it is not used in index.php
  • Only change Store and Status if non-default views

Reference: Magento 2 User Guide

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