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How to Change Domain Name in Magento 2

Changing the Domain Name in Magento 2 is necessary when you want to rebrand or add new products to your Store. It is also known as changing the URL, and the procedure to replace it in Magento 2 is similar to Magento 1.

Firstly, when changing the domain name, you should make sure that the new domain has proper configuration and shows up on your installation’s servers. The new domain will be configured easily in Magento 2.

Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name in Magento 2

Selecting the right domain name in Magento 2 is actually important for establishing a solid online presence and brand identity. Your domain name is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers, shaping their initial impression. A memorable and relevant domain name can help you to enhance brand recognition, trust, and credibility, ultimately driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Additionally, choosing the appropriate domain name can greatly affect your SEO endeavors. Incorporating relevant keywords into your domain can boost your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. This, in turn, facilitates easier discovery of your Magento 2 store by potential customers, driving up organic traffic and playing a pivotal role in the prosperity of your online enterprise.

What are the reasons for changing your domain name?

Change business name

Changing your business name can be a vital decision, often driven by various factors such as a flection in business focus and legal reasons. For instance, if your business undergoes a significant change in direction, it’s logical to adopt a new name that mirrors this development. Legal cases, like trademark disputes, can also necessitate a name change to avoid infringement issues.

An example of this is the case of the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, which had to rebrand to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after a legal ruling prevented it from using the “WWF” acronym. This means they are not permitted to use the domain name from

Switch gTLD or subdomain

When considering a change in your domain’s generic top-level domain (gTLD) or subdomain, it’s important to recognize the potential benefits of your brand’s online identity. A .com top-level domain name is normally easier for customers to remember compared to a a .store top-level domain. This can make customers remember and visit more frequent sites.

Additionally, opting for a straightforward bare domain or a www subdomain can make your website more navigable, enhancing the overall user experience. Maintaining consistency across your site also simplifies backend management, particularly when using website cookies.

For example, domains such as or are likely to be more memorable and user-friendly than subdomains like or

While your choice of gTLD or subdomain will not directly impact your search engine rankings, it can significantly influence how users interact with your brand. Therefore, selecting a gTLD or subdomain should be a strategic decision that matches your business objectives and customer convenience.

2 Steps to Change Domain Name in Magento 2

Magento 1 and Magento 2 have the same store root URLs available and the record paths. However, Magento 2 has the third path in root URL, which makes the process to change the domain name of Magento 1 inadequate for Magento 2.

Step 1: Access to Configuration

  • On the Admin Sidebar, select Stores
  • Select Configuration

Access to Configuration

Step 2: Change Domain Name

  • Select General
  • Then choose Web on navigation menu

Change Domain Name

  • Expand the Base URL section For example, you want to change the current domain, you should replace it with the new one.

Expand the Base URL section

  • Similarly, do the same to change the Secure Base URL

Secure Base URL

  • Click Save Config to finish

Save Config


  • The domain name in Secure Base URL and Base URL should be changed the same
  • The new domain should have proper configuration

We hope this tutorial will enable you to change the domain name in Magento 2 without efforts. In case you still have questions or any problems, leave a comment and we will reach out to you soon.


What is the process for changing the domain name in Magento 2?

Changing the domain name in Magento 2 typically involves several steps, including updating the base URL configuration in the Magento Admin Panel, modifying the database entries, and potentially updating any hardcoded URLs in your theme or extensions.

Are there any risks associated with changing the domain name in Magento 2?

Yes, changing the domain name in Magento 2 can carry some risks, such as temporary disruption to website functionality, potential loss of SEO rankings, and the need to update any external links or references to the old domain.

Can I make a smooth transition when changing the domain name in Magento 2?

To minimize potential issues when changing the domain name, it’s essential to thoroughly plan the process, create backups of your Magento installation and database, and carefully follow Magento’s guidelines for updating the base URL configuration.

Will changing the domain name affect my SEO efforts in Magento 2?

Changing the domain name can temporarily impact SEO efforts, as search engines need time to reindex the website under the new domain. However, by following best practices for SEO and ensuring proper redirection from the old domain to the new one, you can mitigate any negative effects and maintain or even improve your SEO rankings over time.

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