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Magento 2 RSS Feed: Order Status Notification

RSS Feed: Order Status Notification

Only Order RSS Feed is allowed in settings, clients can quickly follow the status of their orders. When enabled, there is a link to the RSS Feed will display in each order.

How to Order Status Notification in Magento 2

Step 1: Login to Configuration

Login to Admin sidebar, click Store. In the Settings column, click Configuration

Step 2: Find RSS Feeds in options table

In the options table on the left, open the Catalog section, click RSS Feeds.

Step 3: Enable the RSS Feeds

Click to expand Order section and in Customer Order Status Notification field, choose Enable

RSS Feed

Step 4: Save the changes

Click Save Config to complete


RSS Feeds helps customers follow the status of their orders easily. Installing RSS is simple with 4 steps but it brings great satisfaction from customers.

It comes to the end of tutorial: Magento 2 RSS Feed: Order Status Notification.

PDF Invoice samples for Magento 2

mageplaza pdf invoice

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