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How to Add, Delete, Manage Customer Review & Rating in Magento 2?

Customer’s Reviews represent the object assessments of products as well as your service from the buyers. Noticeably, they influence the awareness of new customers about the products and significantly affect customer’s buying decisions. Another tool to increase the satisfaction level of the shopping doers can be shown via Ratings on your website.

Therefore, Managing the reviews and ratings plays an important role to every store owner. You can manage the features, what views the visitors can see on your website and the criteria which can be beneficial for rating your stores. This post is going to show you how to add, delete and manage all of them by Magento 2.

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3 Steps to add, delete and manage the reviews & ratings in Magento 2:

Post-service is really necessary, so it is important to be willing to receive the customer’s reviews.

In the first step of managing the reviews& ratings, you may consider adding the new Rating Criteria like Delivery service.

Step 1: Add a new Rating Criteria

  • On the Admin Sidebar, select Stores
  • Select Rating

Add a new Rating Criteria

  • Click Add New Rating

Add a new Rating

  • Type the name of criteria Default Value of RATING INFORMATION box Delivery

Type the name of criteria

  • Then set the Rating Visibility in Default Store View
  • CLick Save Rating

You also can add the Review from any social media or emails just by following these steps:

Tips: Use Review Reminder to get more feedback, review from your customers (Mageplaza Review Reminder based on information left by customers during checkout process like email address, will automatically send reminders to ask buyers leave comments on their orders.)

Step 2: Add a new Review

  • On Admin Sidebar, Choose Marketing
  • Select Reviews

Add a new Review

  • Click Edit

Edit Review

  • Check the Review Detail box; in there, you can see some boxes like Product, Author, Detailed Rating, Status

Review Detail

  • Click Save Review

Save Review

Step 3: Delete a Review in Magento 2

You can disable a review in Magento 2 by configuration:


  • Navigate to Store > Configuration > Catalog.
  • In the Product Reviews field, set Enabled to No.

Cache management

  • Refresh the configuration cache for the changes to take effect: Go to System > Cache Management, select Configuration and Page Cache, then click Refresh and Submit. Confirm that you see the message “2 cache type(s) refreshed” or that all cache types are enabled.

Following these steps ensures that both customers and guest visitors are unable to leave comments on your products, and any previously posted reviews will be concealed.


You can access the Command Line Interface (CLI) for your Magento website and execute the following commands:

  • Set the review functionality to inactive:
php bin/magento config:set catalog/review/active 0
  • Clean the configuration cache:
php bin/magento cache:clean config

Another solution from Mageplaza

To enhance stores’ review and rating usage, Mageplaza came up with a complete solution: Better Product Review extension for Magento 2. The stores will be equipped with:

  • Display reviews summary
  • Show the Verified Buyer badge to enhance authenticity
  • Allow customers to attach images to better describe the reviews
  • Communicate with customers better thanks to store reply
  • Interact easily via ‘Helpful’ rating and social share
  • View reviews orderly thanks to sorting feature
  • Increase SEO results
  • Boost the review rates by reminding customers on My Account page
  • The Professional version also allows stores to send reminder emails to customers


  • Spelling and grammatical errors should be corrected
  • The Reviews and Ratings will appear on the front-end of your web
  • Use Mageplaza Better Product Review module for easier setup and better performance.

The bottom line

Product Reviews and Ratings are the last strings to build newcomers’ trusts and persuade customers in the product search process. Moreover, enabling your reviews and ratings can also take advantage of user-generated content and boost your SEO performance. Therefore we have given you 2 steps to Add, Delete, and Manage Customers Reviews & Ratings in Magento 2, or you can use our solution. Drop your questions in the comment section and we will get back to you!

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