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Magento 2 NewRelic Reporting

Magento 2 New Relic Reporting gives you detailed performance metrics for every aspect of your business, in real-time. It helps you save time and make informed decision which impacts your ability to deliver a better online experience for your customers.

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How to set New Relic Reporting

Step 1: Register a New Relic account

  • Go to the New Relic website and register for an account. There are 60 days free New Relic trial for you to try it
  • Complete the information as directed. When suggested, select the product that you want to set first.
  • You have to set the configuration for the following credentials:
    • Account ID: On the New Relic account dashboard, the Account ID is the number in the URL after:/accounts
    • Application ID: On the New Relic account dashboard, click New Relic APM. Then select Application and select your application. The Application ID is the number in the URL after: /applications/
    • New Relic API Key: On the New Relic account dashboard, select Account Settings. Then click Data Sharing in the panel on the left below Integrations. You can create a new API key, restore or delete your API key in this page
    • Insights API Key: On the New Relic account dashboard, select Insights. in the panel on the left below Administration, select API Keys. Your Insights API Key(s) display on this page. To create a key, select the plus sign (+) next to Insert Keys

Step 2: Set the New Relic Agent into your server

To collect and transfer the data by using New Relic APM Pro, you have to set up the PHP agent on your server.

  • When suggested to select a web agent, choose PHP
  • Install the PHP as instructions. Go to New Relic for PHP for help
  • Make sure that cron is running on your server. Go to Configure and run cron for help

Step 3: Install your store

  • From the Admin sidebar, choose Stores. Below Settings, select Configuration
  • In the options table on the left below General, click New Relic Reporting and continue with following:

New Relic Reporting


  • In the Enable New Relic Integration field, choose Yes
  • In the Insights API URL field, change the percent ( % symbol with your New Relic Account ID)
  • Fill in your New Relic Account ID
  • Fill in your New Relic Application ID
  • Fill in your New Relic API Key
  • Fill in your Insights API Key
  • In the New Relic Application Name field, enter a name to identify the configuration for internal reference.
  • Click Save Config to complete.

Step 4: Enable Cron for New Relic Reporting

  • Expand the Cron section
  • In the Enable Cron field, choose Yes
  • Click Save Configto complete.
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