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How to enable SSL in Magento 2

How to enable SSL

If you are an e-commerce provider, you should use SSL to protect the data and transactions for customers. This article will guide you how to enable SSL in Magento 2 step by step.

The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is an important upgrade to your site to make sure that all data goes through a secure connection between the server and the website. When your customers sign up on your site and provide their credit card information or personal details, the SSL certificate takes responsibility for keeping them in safe. As a result, buyers will feel more secure shopping on your online store, hence this increases the conversion rate.

After you have installed SSL in your domain, you need to enable it for your Magento 2 store. Follow these steps below to enable SSL:

How to enable SSL in Magento 2 as five following steps

Step 1: Navigate to Stores > Configuration{#step-1-navigate-to-store-configuration}

Step 2: Under General Menu, click on Web


Step 3: The settings page will be displayed


Step 4: Select Base URLs (Secure) on the settings page

Edit the Secure Base URL field by changing http:// to https://


  • In the Use Secure URLS in Storefront: To make all storefront pages accessible only by https:// or SSL, select yes option to enable it.
  • In the Use Secure URLs on Admin: To make the administration interface accessible only by https:// or SSL, select yes from the drop-down.


Step 5: Click on Save config to save the settings process

Only with the above several simple steps, your Magento 2 store is configured to use your SSL certificate.

It comes to the end of tutorial: How to enable SSL in Magento 2.

Please leave comments if you have any questions, feedbacks.

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