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A custom rewrite which is the tool that helps you manage all redirects from your website to another site. You can redirect a product, product catalog or even a page to another website by using a custom rewrite.

The difference of this redirection is that you have to create a new page for custom redirects instead of selecting a page already in your store

The custom rewrite ensures that your store is moved to a new website address even though customers still search for your store at the old address on the search engines.

There are three steps to redirect from your store to another website

Step 1: Prepare before Rewrite

Some people have a trouble because of confusion between “Redirect to” and “Redirect from”

Before starting the redirection, make sure your address you enter is correct

For example: Custom Path

Redirect to: http: //www .new-website. com/new-page.html

Redirect from:

- product.html
- category.html

Step 2: Proceed to create the Rewrite

  • From the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing, then Select URL Rewrites in SEO & Search column
  • To begin the process of creating the Rewrite, you have to verify the Request Path is exists, according to the instructions below:
    • Type the keyword of the website that you want to be redirected into the search filter of Request Path column then click Search. Search results will appear and choosing the one that is suitable with your store view then click Edit to open the redirect record in edit mode.
    • After open the redirect record, click Delete then choose OK to confirm
  • After come back the home of URL Rewrites page, click Add URL Rewrite
  • In the Create URL Rewrite box, select Custom
  • In URL Rewrite Information
    • Choose the Store if you have many store views
    • In the Request Path field, type the URL keyword and URL (if relevant) of the product, the product catalog or page which is to be redirected ( Redirect from). Make sure the Request Path is unique
    • In the Target Path field, enter the new URL of the landing page (Redirect to). You must fill the fully URL if the destination is another website
    • In the Redirect Type field, you have 2 options:
      • Temporary (302)
      • Permanent (301)

custom rewrites

  • Select Save to complete. The new rewrite show at the first list


Step 3: Check the Result

You can easily test the result by going to the home page of your store then navigate to the original “Redirect from” page and then after the store URL, you enter the name of the original “Redirect from”. Then select Enter

The result is the “Redirect to” page will appear instead of the original “Redirect from” page

For your understanding, here are some description of fields

  • Create URL Rewrite: Show the type of rewrite which can’t be changed after the rewrite is created. There are 4 options in this field:
    • Custom
    • For category
    • For product
    • For CMS page
  • Request Path: The path to the product, category or CMS page that is to be redirected
  • Target Path: Path or URL is the point of the redirection
  • Redirect: Depend on your needs. There are 3 options: No, temporary (302) or permanent (301)
  • Description: Describes the purpose of redirecting

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