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Magento 2 creating sold-out Alerts: No Plugins Needed

It is important for us to satisfy the demand of customers on time so it requires that we manage the Stock strictly. Out of Stock Notification in Magento 2 extension is extremely effective in alerting product inventory at the level of the product set as default.

This option can boost your online sales; moreover, it provides valuable information about buyers’ preferences. That is the reason why you can know what type of product or price should be updated so that you easily meet customers’ demands. Now, let’s dive into 4 steps to set up Out of Stock Notification for your Magento 2 store.

Recommend: Mageplaza Product Alerts for Magento 2 is an excellent solution to keep in touch with customers and update them with every change in product availability and price changes.

4 Steps to Set up Out of Stock Notification:

Step 1: Access to Configuration

  • On Admin sidebar, click Stores
  • On menu of Settings, click Configuration

Access to Configuration

Step 2: Access to Inventory

  • On the left of the bottom Catalog, select Inventory


Step 3: Set Product Stock Options section

Product Stock Options

  • Set Manage Stock to Yes
  • Set Backorders to one of the options:

    1, No Backorders ( accept backorders when it runs out of stock)

    2, Allow Qty Below 0 (accept backorders when the quantity drops less than 0)

    3, Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer (accept backorders when the quantity drops less than 0, and alert the customers can still order)

Return-Path Email


To avoid email being sent to spam boxes, your store should install SMTP.

  • Enter these criteria:

    Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart

    Qty for Item’s Status to Become Out of Stock

    Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart

  • Enter stock level in Notify for Quantity Below , which notifies that the product is out of stock
  • Set Enable Qty Increments to Yes to activate quantity increments
  • Enter the number of products have to be purchased to meet the requirements in the Qty Increments
  • If you want to return the item to inventory by default, set Automatically Return Credit Memo Item to Stock to Yes

Enter these criteria

Step 4: Complete Save Config

  • Click Save Config

Save Config

Create Out of Stock Notifications by using Product Alerts

Displaying alerts on your website can gain customers’ attention quickly, especially if you need to show important messages. Notifications of Out of Stock items and more alerts can be configured by Mageplaza Product Alerts:

  • Show out-of-stock product alert

Mageplaza Product Alerts offers a reassuring solution to address customer concerns when their desired items are out of stock. The standout feature is the Out-Of-Stock Alerts function. When customers come across a product that is sold out, their attention is drawn to the “Notify me!” button located below the product image. Upon clicking the button, a convenient pop-up appears, allowing customers to subscribe to email notifications for when the desired product becomes available again. This prompt ensures that customers stay informed and have the opportunity to purchase the product once it is restocked.

  • Show price-change alerts

Customer disappointment often arises when there are changes in pricing. It is common for customers to express their desire for a product but find the current price to be too high or hope for a more affordable option. Such customer sentiments regarding pricing are frequently encountered in daily interactions.

Notifying customers in advance about price changes would greatly enhance their experience and alleviate concerns. Providing proactive communication regarding such changes allows customers to be well-informed and better prepared, resulting in a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience.

  • Send email notifications of restocked products or price changes automatically or manually

With Mageplaza Product Alerts, it becomes effortless to send notifications to customers via email regarding restocked products and items with price changes. This module caters to the needs of store owners by offering two sending options: automated emails through cron jobs executed every hour or manual emails through backend subscriber list editing. As for customers, they no longer need to actively monitor the store’s website for updates. This streamlined process saves valuable time for both parties and enhances the efficiency and professionalism of information exchange. Additionally, the automated and up-to-date emails greatly enhance the overall customer experience, providing timely and relevant updates.

  • Create reports of product requests

Product Alerts also offers an exceptional feature in the form of data reports. Utilizing the Magento 2 Reports extension from the admin dashboard, store owners gain easy access to comprehensive information and statistics related to stock availability and price change requests. These include:

  • Most requested products back in stock
  • Recent requests for back-in-stock products
  • Most requested products with price changes
  • Recent requests for price changes This valuable statistical data assist store owners in evaluating and analyzing customer interests and behaviors, identifying popular products, and determining price points that attract the most attention. With this knowledge, stores can make informed adjustments and develop effective business strategies for future endeavors.

  • Allow non-login customers to experience the same features

The admin backend provides a seamless option to select customer groups, including non-logged-in customers, ensuring convenience for newcomers visiting the store for the first time. Customers can effortlessly submit price alerts or out-of-stock notifications without the need for a login. This streamlined process saves time for customers and enhances the overall user experience.

product alerts

Product Alerts for Magento 2

Express care for customers by constantly updating them with every change in product availability and price

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  • Every e-mail has two senders who are in the From line - the mailclient and the other is the Return-Path
  • Although this feature is available on the interface of the server, it is not a function in Magento 2
  • Use Product Alerts extension by Mageplaza for better results in creating notifications in your Magento 2 store

The bottom line

Out of Stock Notifications let customers know about the stock level of the product, which can improve customer experience and boost sales. To enable more than just out-of-stock notifications and manage the alerts better, you can use Mageplaza Product Alerts. If you are interested in this topic and want to find out more information, please contact us.

Recent Sales Notification

Recent Sales Notification

Recent Sales Notification for M2

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