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Sending emails with Return-path installation in Magento 2 is so necessary for users. Because these Return-path emails default automatically to unrecognized address, they will be spam and go to spam filters. It means that the people whom you want to send the message can not receive it. It is so serious if the email is important. To make sure it send to custombers’ inbox, you should enable SMTP.

To avoid this situation that your emails are no more considered as spam, you should Configure return-path emails. Setting Configure return-path emails in Magento 2, the system can be aware of problems and resolve them by SPF settings or SAV (Sender Address Verification).Then, it takes for granted that your emails will become valid, no failed anymore.

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To Configure Return-path Emails in Magento 2

There are 5 main steps to Configure Return-path Emails in Magento 2:

Step 1: Log in Admin Dashboard

Log in Magento 2 system, it can be seen the Dashboard

Step 2: Access to Configuration

  • Slect Stores
  • Select Configuration

Access to Configuration

Step 3: Access to Setting

  • Slect Advance
  • Slect System

Access to Setting

Step 4 : Set Mail Sending Settings

  • Select Mail Sending Settings

Mail Sending Settings

  • Drop-down on the right Set Return-Path
  • Click Specified

Set Return-Path

  • Enter your valid email to Return-Path Email

Return-Path Email

Step 5: Select Save Config

  • Click Save Config

Save Config

Things to remember

  • Every e-mail has two senders who are in the From line - the mailclient and the other is the Return-Path
  • Although this feature is available on the interface of the server , it is not function in Magento 2

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