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Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost for Magento 2

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Shipping Cost for Magento 2

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The problems of the default customer registration

When a customer is keen on a product on the Product Page, they find it affordable to buy. But when they know the shipping rate, they can quickly leave their cart.

The reason is that customers will feel disappointed because of the unexpected fee.

On the Product Page, customers are willing for consideration about the fee. Therefore, this is the ideal place to show them the product price as well as the shipping fee also.

When all the shipping rates are shown, customers can find the most one right here, consider and go to checkout firmly.

The number of abandoned carts due to the shipping fee is decreased significantly. The store is less worried about handling such kind of abandoned carts.

Quickly offering the shipping methods and corresponding fee right on the Product Page is the advanced function that enhances the customer experience.

Calculate shipping cost on the Product Page

Shipping calculator The list of shipping methods with the corresponding fee is displayed clearly on the Product Page, so shoppers can know quickly the fees charged for their shipping address

Two display options There are two positions to show the shipping calculator on the Product Page: Below the product description or In the additional tab.

Check to find the best shipping address In case they can receive their orders at multiple places, they can check the best one easily.

Auto calculate shipping cost with IP

The shipping cost is based on the shipping address. However, to optimize customer experience, the Shipping Cost module supports the auto-detect shipping address based on the IP address.

With auto-detected shipping addresses, customers do not need to fill the address form manually.

Show calculator with certain products/ categories

You can apply the shipping calculator on specific product pages based on the catalog rule such as:

  • SKU
  • Attribute
  • Category
  • Others

For example, apply the shipping calculator to discounted products only.

Customers can change their shipping address via the form with details below:

  • Country
  • Zipcode
  • State/Region

Popup or Inline When customers click on “Change Address”, the address form will appear as popup or inline form.

Drop-down selection All the options of a field are displayed in the drop-down box. Customers can quickly select without typing.

Shipping Cost's More features

Estimate fee by qty

The calculator can estimate the shipping fee if you add either one or multiple units of a product on the Product page.

Include current cart

Include the shipping cost of all other items in the cart

Apply by country/ store view

Able to apply with specific countries or specific store views

Select address fields

Select the address fields to show at the form

Not found message

The message when there is no shipping method available

Properly compatible

Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Shipping Rules, Shipping Restrictions, Shipping Table Rate , Multiple Shipping Flat Rates

Full Features List

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Set the shipping calculator title
  • Set the description of the shipping calculator
  • Set the message when there is no shipping method available
  • Select countries to apply the module
  • Select position to show the shipping calculator
  • Select the address fields to show on the form
  • Enable/ Disable showing the address form as a popup
  • Select product pages applied with shipping calculator by using condition
  • Set the default address displayed at the storefront

For customers

  • Quickly know the shipping rate right on the Product Page
  • Save more time on saving and making a purchase decision


Yes, the cheapest rate is shown clearly right below the Calculate button to suggest customers.

Yes, you can set the shipping calculating section to appear at Product pages by using the catalog rules.

It depends. At the section, you can check/ uncheck the box to include or exclude.


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05 February 2021


Now customers can see all the shipping fee calculated thanks to this extension. It's very useful for us because we don't have to answer questions about this problem anymore. Thank you Mageplaza.

Caiden -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021


My store oprates globally so it's necessary to have a shipping cost calculation system. This extension is everything I need, very convenient. Thank you, it's a great help.

Zoe -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021

Great product

I just loved it. I wanted to include a shipping cost calculator but didn't know how to. After asking your support team, I was glad to find this solution. Great team, great product, great atmosphere. Thanks for helping me.

Mia Thatcher -Verified Purchase

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