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Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2   v1.1.0

Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2
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Mageplaza Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 improves customer retention and converts abandoning store visitors to customers/subscribers. With the support of exit-intent popups, online stores can draw attention to subscription, discount coupons and other content on their page.

  • Flexibly display banners on every page
  • Exit-intent pop-ups appear after configured time
  • pop-ups reappear after configured time
  • Restrict times to display pop-ups
  • Premade pop-up templates
  • Ajax submit subscriber



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Lifetime Update


365-Day Support

Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x - 2.3.x

Exit Intent Popup - Case studies

Cart-abandonment exit popups


Cut down cart abandonment rates - increase conversion rates.


An average of 70% online shopping carts are abandoned at checkout page. This frustrating problem causes financial loss for online retailers. Online stores always strive to decrease this figure to keep their business healthy. Abandoned cart email extension for Magento 2 can be an ideal module among many options to cut down most of cart abandonment which occurs within the checkout page. However, the abandoned cart email open rate, in this case, is not as close as 100%. This means it's not optimized yet.


When a customer drops an item to the shopping cart and goes to the checkout, she/he already has actual interest in the product. To make her/his desire stronger, an online store can offer her/him a good deal if she/he intends to leave the checkout page. When the customer attempt to leave the site by moving the mouse out of the page, a pop-up is opened automatically with a message "Hey forgetting your cart?". A discount coupon or a big deal can be offered here to catch the customer's attention.
Tip: Try to simplify your checkout by offering a discount coupon which can be used by guest customers, so buyers don't need to log in.

Product-page exit popups


Increase conversion rates.


Customers who are already interested in a product intend to quit the page without adding any item to cart. They may no longer find the product cool or they may wait for an extra reason to buy it.


Also applying exit-intent technology, when a customer is seen to leave a product page, a small window is popped up to show appealing deals to the potential customer.
Tip: Don't overuse this kind of pop-up, especially if you have tons of product pages. However, feel free to re-display the pop-up after several days when the visitor comes back to see the product.

Subscription-invitation popups


Collect more quality leads.


Non-login visitors can become your customers if you put a right amount of marketing effort into them. Subscription is an ideal way to spread the words to potential customers. Also, this increases the engagement between your stores and your customers.


Customers who intend to leave your site will be invited to subscribe newsletter through a pop-up. Only by entering their email addresses, they can also get a discount for the next purchase. Through this, you'll get more high-quality leads who are truly interested in your products and services.
Tip: According to GDPR, make sure that you have subscribers' consent to use their email addresses for pre-defined purposes. Don't pre-tick the Terms and Conditions checkbox as this is against GDPR.

Survey popups


Get insight into customers - collect leads.


Visitors can abandon your Magento 2 online stores for multiple reasons. Not many of them are willing to actively let you know without your request. Getting feedback from actual online buyers who experienced shopping on your website will help you improve your store and prevent mistakes which poorly affect conversion rates. Moreover, this shows respect towards your online shoppers and increase interaction.


A short-answer survey pop-up is displayed to get customers' ideas. You can also feature a banner on any pages to draw their attention.
Tip: Make it easy for them to shut the pop-up, so they won't get annoyed. Besides, keep the question simple and easy to answer, so customers won't hesitate to type in some words.

Boost email list

Better Popup extension for Magento 2 works as a useful tool which helps stores collect more leads. When visitors - your potential customers - see a popup, content with a newsletter subscription invitation is popped out.
Instead of waiting for visitors to actively subscribe at your subscription box, using popups helps boost your email list more quickly and effectively.

Magento 2 exit intent popup help boost email list

Exit Intent Popup

Magento 2 Better Popup applies exit intent popup

Magento 2 Better Popup module applies exit-intent technology on pop-up windows. These windows can be popped out right before a visitor attempts to abandon your site. Visitors will be kept to stay on site until they perform an action with the popup window, or they click exit.

Highly customizable pop ups

Popup windows can be flexibly customized. This helps admins configure:

  • Content: Customize any content using HTML
  • Display styles: Full-screen popups or Center popups
  • Design: Easy to change designs to match your store's theme.
  • Magento 2 popup extension with flexibly customized - Mageplaza

    Premade popup templates

    Better Popup extension for Magento 2 is integrated ready-to-use popup templates. Admins can edit, configure or reuse them with ease.

    More features

    Display triggers

    A pop-up can be shown when an exit-intent action is detected. Or, admins can configure to display it after X seconds since a customer visits the site

    Congratulation popups

    A congratulations message pops out after a visitor performs a specific action. Content & design of the congrats popup window can be customized with ease.

    Re-display pop-ups

    Only replay a popup after a configured time. This feature keeps visitors away from the feeling of being annoyed and spammed.

    Report Emails

    An email is sent to store owners on a regular basis. This email shows the figures of new weekly subscribers.

    Report compatibility

    A new widget which displays reports on Magento 2 Better Popup is integrated into Dashboard. This helps store owners follow figures of new subscribers.

    SMTP compatibility

    The new-subscriber report emails function is compatible with Magento 2 SMTP by Mageplaza. This helps guarantee spam-free emails.

    Full Features List

    For store admins

    • Enable/Disable module
    • Easy to edit the content of popups
    • 2 options of responsive design for popups: Full-screen and Center display
    • Easy to configure pop-ups' size: width and height
    • Ability to change the background color and text color of a popup
    • Allow showing success page
    • Allow customizing congratulations content
    • Allow to include a coupon code on the congratulations page
    • Manually insert a snippet to define which page to show a popup
    • Allow displaying popups on particular pages by page URLs
    • Disallow displaying popups on specific pages by page URLs
    • Show popups after X seconds on site
    • Show popups after X% of a page which is scrolled down
    • Only re-display popups after X days
    • Show a floating button
    • Ability to choose a position to display the float button
    • Feature the Terms and Conditions with no pre-tick checkbox (GDPR compliance)
    • Receive a weekly report on new subscribers
    • Features the 8 most recent subscribed email addresses on weekly reports

    For shoppers

    • Click exit the site without quitting the popup
    • Click on the float button to see the popup
    • Click on the banner to see the popup
    • Get discount coupons
    • Actively check the Terms and Conditions box to subscribe (GDPR compliance)


    • filter_drama On which pages can I display a popup?

      Anywhere you want. Better Popup extension for Magento 2 typically sets no restriction on any places to display popups. You can include or exclude pages to show popup windows by declaring page URLs.

    • filter_drama I want the popup to be displayed full-screen, is it possible?

      Yes, in the standard package, you can either show the popup full-screen or as a center window.

    • filter_drama Do the visitors have to exit the popup before leaving the page?

      No, visitors can leave the page without exiting the popup beforehand

    • filter_drama Can I get a weekly report on my new subscribers?

      Yes. On every Saturday, a report is sent to you. This report shows you the number of new subscribers and a list of the 8 most recent subscribed email addresses.

    • filter_drama Can I also see the report on my subscribers on my Dashboard?

      Yes, you can see a full report on your Dashboard if you are also using Mageplaza Reports extension. This is a free module.

    • filter_drama Can I design the popups myself from the backend?

      Magento 2 Better Popup extension assists you in customization of popup design. Also, you can reuse/redesign our premade templates.

    • filter_drama I don't want the popup to show when a visitor accesses our web page all the time. Is there any solution for this?

      If you don't want to spam your visitors or customers by displaying popups all the time, you can configure them to show up after X days. This helps to prevent complaints from visitors.

    Reviews (8)

    • assignment_ind
      Excellent extension

      Posted by Abdulrahman on 10 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      First, I thought it's more important than after I installed this module. I found it's a great extension. Also, their support team is really willing to help at the moment you ask for that.

    • assignment_ind
      Very good plugin

      Posted by Rostyslav on 08 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      It's a very good free extension, but it's so attractive to my customers! This is a must-have module for everyone e-commerce store owner. It will really help you to increase your sales.

    • assignment_ind
      This extension is helping to increase my user interaction

      Posted by Vivek on 03 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      I recommend to all magento2 owners, it's a must-have extension. Better Popup Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 helps to customize your exit intent. I have tested on Magento ver. 2.2.6 and it's successful.

    • assignment_ind
      Perfect module

      Posted by Vinod on 25 October 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      Even though it's a free extension, the performance of the extension looks like a paid one. We like it. Thanks to Magaplaza. We will definitely look for other extension as well on your website.

    • assignment_ind
      Very useful module

      Posted by Long on 04 October 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      I download, install and use this module very smoothly. Thanks very detail document from your team. Keep great work, Mageplaza team!

    • assignment_ind
      Definitely Recommended

      Posted by kavita Bhatia on 30 September 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      Better Popup is so prominent and can be customized. It's definitely worth installing. We modified the wording now as well as changed the automated reply email to reflect our company logo and a customized message.

    • assignment_ind
      Good product with the fast support

      Posted by Leo on 28 September 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      I was looking for something else and came across this product. Although it doesn't really serve my purpose, it is a very good product. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    • assignment_ind
      Nice extension

      Posted by shambhu on 24 August 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      Great, awesome, and nice extension. All my needs were fulfilled with little sort of designing. You can not find the better alternative for this. Everybody needs get fulfilled. Once again, this extension fulfills all demands.

    Release notes

    • v1.1.0

      30 October 2018
      • Added 4 new designs for popup
      • Improved code quality & perfomance
      • Fixed minor bugs
    • v1.0.1

      07 August 2018
      • Added CSV translation file
      • Fixed minor bugs
    • v1.0.0

      06 August 2018
    • Initial release

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