Magento 2 Free Extensions

Magento 2 Free Extensions from Mageplaza include Social Login, Blog, Better SEO, and Google Analytics all of which are great choices to build a professional eCommerce store. Not only help you know source clearly to get the higher rank by Magento Better SEO, even or enhance the users’ experiences in your store with Social Login and Blog module, but you can also have an accurate statistics about customer behaviors as well as the efficient of your programs via Magento 2 Google Analytics Integration.

Why is free extension?

Apparently, these outstanding benefits are enough to prove that Mageplaza Free Magento 2 module extensions are crucial tools as well as worthy options considering for those individuals or organizations that want to experiment but not ready to use the premium extensions.

Social Login

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Better SEO

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Product Slider

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Google Analytics

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Better Blog

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Banner Slider

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  • Magento guides

  • insert_chart Create Widget

    Widget is a greater tool to insert or edit content into a CMS Page Block or Page, so I am so happy to bring you Create Widget in Magento 2 topic. Reading the post will help you understand: “What are the widgets?” and “How to use them on Magento 2 store”. With the simple instruction, it is easy to custom new widgets in Magento 2.

  • insert_chart Create Payment Method

    Magento 2 Create Payment Method proves that store admin has rights to generate as many payment methods as they need when your store is based on Magento 2 platform, an great era of ecommerce architecture. Depending on the customer’s requirement, you probably plug it in your list of the existing payment method. The additional payment methods surely bring the diversity of customer choice when they proceed to checkout on your site. On the other’s hands, multiple payment method is the great strategy to reach out the global marketplace.

  • insert_chart Create Shipping Method

    Magento 2 Create Shipping Method tutorial contains full of steps with code snippets to set more shipping methods with ease on Magento 2 stores. Why does Mageplaza team provide this guide today while there is the availability of some shipping methods? Of course, Magento 2 is a rich eCommerce platform and it also supports few shipping methods in the checkout process. However, they are not enough to make you comfortable. In order to be proportional with your development in the future, the customization of shipping methods is really crucial. Therefore, Magento 2 Create Shipping Method is built to make all easier.

  • insert_chart Create Cron Job

    Magento 2 Create Cron Job is setting an automatic schedule on time, that is really convenient when you run Magento 2 store. Why is it such useful function? For example, you need assitance from a software like website statistics or content management system which require to run at the certain time, however, maybe you are unavailable to do that. That is why you must create the cron job on your web server.

  • insert_chart Create API

    Magento 2 Create API means helping online retailers generate an Application Programming Interface for the own using. The API is a set of routines, protocols and other tools to design software applications. Thus, API is a required element to connect among the data if you ask for any program or service from other websites. With the creation of API in Magento 2, you can easily get all building blocks to initiate a program successfully.

  • insert_chart Category Attributes

    Magento 2 Category Attributes Programmatically is a timely topic so that you can work on custom magento 2 extension, for example, in the right way. Welcome here, Mageplaza Tutorial! The exact steps are listed with the specific script in PHP to create the category attributes. By the availability of the setup scripts, there is no need to waste time learning or modifying anything while you don’t have experience in coding. The only thing you need to do is copying and pasting the following snippets to your module. Here are the snippets that you can achieve immediately.

  • insert_chart Using VirtualType

    Using VirtualType in Magento 2 is really necessary when you are running an virtual store based on Magento 2 platform? On Magento 2 platform, the di.xml supports for two types of node which are a node type and a node virtualtype, meanwhile virtualtype is considered as a perfect method instead of the type. The virtual tape allows inserting different dependencies into the existing classes but not making any change to other classes. With this tutorial, Mageplaza team will lead you to learn how to create and use VirtualType in Magento 2.

  • insert_chart UI Bookmark Component

    What is UI Bookmark Component?

  • insert_chart Sticky Header Component

    Sticky Header Component allows keeping Header on the fixed top during the scrolling by the user. That is supported by Sticky, one of the popular effect you can set for the header in your website. With the sticky header component, it is easier for the better tracking. Specifically, as you go to the product management workplace, you will see the sticky header component:

  • insert_chart Prompt Widget

    Prompt Widget Magento 2 allows showing a modal pop-up window with an input field, and a cancel and a confirmation button and it also extends the Magento modal widget. The origin of Magento 2 prompt widget is <Magento_Ui_module_dir>/view/base/web/js/modal/prompt.js.