Magento 2 Free Extensions

Magento 2 Free Extensions from Mageplaza include Social Login, Blog, Better SEO, and Google Analytics all of which are great choices to build a professional eCommerce store. Not only help you know source clearly to get the higher rank by Magento Better SEO, even or enhance the users’ experiences in your store with Social Login and Blog module, but you can also have an accurate statistics about customer behaviors as well as the efficient of your programs via Magento 2 Google Analytics Integration.

Why is free extension?

Apparently, these outstanding benefits are enough to prove that Mageplaza Free Magento 2 module extensions are crucial tools as well as worthy options considering for those individuals or organizations that want to experiment but not ready to use the premium extensions.

Social Login

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Better SEO

5 reviews

Product Slider

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Google Analytics

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Better Blog

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Banner Slider

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  • Magento guides

  • insert_chart Add Product Attribute Programmatically

    In this article, we will find out how to create a product attribute in Magento 2 programatically. As you know, Magento 2 manage Product by EAV model, so we cannot simply add an attribute for product by adding a column for product table. Please read the article Magento 2 EAV model to understand about this.

  • insert_chart Add Customer Attribute Programmatically

    This article will guide you how to create a customer attribute in Magento 2 programatically. Please follow our previous article to create a simple module which we will use to demo coding for this lesson and how to create the setup script classes. In this article, we will use the sample module Mageplaza_HelloWorld and the InstallDataclass.

  • insert_chart Routing

    In this article, we will talk about an important part in Magento 2 Routing. The Route will define name for a module which we can use in the url to find the module and execute the controller action.

  • insert_chart Events

    This article will talk about Event in Magento 2. As you know, Magento 2 is using the event driven architecture which will help too much to extend the Magento functionality. We can understand this event as a kind of flag that rises when a specific situation happens. We will use an example module Mageplaza_Example to exercise this lesson.

  • insert_chart Factory Object

    In this part, we will talk about Factory Object for model in Magento 2. As you know in OOP, a factory method will be used to instantiate an object. In Magento 2, the Factory Object do the same thing.

  • insert_chart Resource Model - Model Collection

    In this topic, we will discuss about Create resource model in Magento 2. In previous topic, we have discussed about CRUD and models. As you know, the model file contain overall database logic, it do not execute sql queries. The resource model will do that. Now we will create the Resource Model for this table: Mageplaza\HelloWorld\Model\ResourceModel\Topic

  • insert_chart Create Model

    Create Model in Magento 2 is a huge path of MVC architecture. In Magento 2 CRUD, models have many different functions such as manage data, install or upgrade module. In this tutorial, I only talk about data management CRUD. We have to create Model, Resource Model, Resource Model Conllection to manage data in table: mageplaza_topic as I mentioned above.

  • insert_chart Install Upgrade SQL script

    In this article, we will find out how to install and upgrade sql script for module in Magento 2. When you install or upgrade a module, you may need to change the database structure or add some new data for current table. To do this, Magento 2 provide you some classes which you can do all of them.

  • insert_chart Admin Grid

    In this article, we will find how to create an Admin Grid in Magento 2 backend. As you know, Magento 2 Grid is a kind of table which listing the items in your database table and provide you some features like: sort, filter, delete, update item, etc. The example for this is the grid of products, grid of customer.

  • insert_chart Admin ACL

    Magento 2 admin panel use an authentication system and a robust system for create Access Control List Rules (ACL) which allows a store owner to create fine grained roles for each and every user in their system. In this article, we will find how it work and how to add ACL for our custom module.